Nurse Big Tits

June 24, 2017 – 6:19 am

Nurse Bigger than average Funbags

Nurse Bigger than typical Tits

Dellon is definitely hallucinating when his fresh visiting nurse Roxee Robinson arrives to check up on him.

“What can I do to make you feel more awesome?” asks Roxee. This is the question of the year. Dellon’s brain is already plotting.

How many nurses wear low-cut uniforms, their large mellons forming round scones of enjoyment? How many nurses acquire on the sofa to rub-down their patients. Well, this one does. Her breasts nestle against his face as this babe gently massages his chest after he lies and tells Roxee it hurts. And by the way, his junk hurts likewise. A rubdown there will alleviate the pang. No nurse in history has ever been this caring and sympathetic. That babe is gotta rub that stiffness away.

With her medical training at her disposal, Nurse Roxee, or Nurse Big Melons as this babe is more outstanding known, knows from experience that engulfing and tit-fucking schlong will make a patient feel more valuable. Roxee takes her large, bulky titties and buffs his bloated hard-on fast and inflexible, squeezing her Canadian cans together, cock-crushing at its hottest. Her jugs of enjoyment are made to be rogered.

Full treatment is needed to acquire her patient walking one more time. After giving a kiss Roxee from mammaries to stomach to box, Dellon parts the redhead’s thick legs and fills her taut snatch with his meat thermometer. Roxee is a true miracle worker.

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Katie Black: Bouncy & Bubbly

June 22, 2017 – 11:10 pm

Katie Black: Bouncy & Bubbly

Katie Black: Bouncy & Bubbly

Katie Darksome is so lively and fun, she practically leaps with out the screen into your lap. And wouldn’t that be admirable. Katie is a friend of Mia Vixen. They both have that specific bouncy, glad personality. After Katie’s hot display, she answers a scarcely any questions and then measures herself.

Katie loves to check out videos and spend time with her girlfriends. When she’s home, this babe enjoys relaxing and watching a horror clip. We’ll wager that if she’s watching one with somebody, this babe grabs that person during the shock moments. And wouldn’t that be priceless to experience.

“My specific talent is being sexy,” told Katie and that is the truth. This babe doesn’t seem the sort but this babe told that babe loves BDSM although that babe did not enter detail.

Katie rubs her pink slit priceless and rock hard after this babe plays with her big tits. That babe masturbates a scarcely any times a day, and one as well as the other fingers and toys are precious with her. It depends on how that babe feels at the time. Katie has big things ahead of her and they measure Fourty three inches.

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Vanessa, The Quiet One

June 21, 2017 – 12:39 pm

Vanessa, The Quiet One

Vanessa, The Quiet One

Vanessa‘s time glamour modeling was short, just a dunky in number years. She can be observed in the DVDs The Unsurpassable of the Boob Cruise and Ben Dover Does The Boob Cruise. In this 1997 clip, British porn maven Ben tries to feel up the scones of nearly each girl on the ship and has a buffet of knockers feeling up the oily and perspired bodies of Vanessa and Katie on-deck as the girls play with each other. That stud likewise managed to acquire a double blow job from ’em with out sight under deck.

Vanessa was a truly quiet, languid sort, but real hard-on material. On her first Boob Cruise in 1997, this babe was always mad to dive into the fragrantly scented slit of fella model Katie for the passenger photo discharges. Vanessa was the serious sort, Katie was the giggly smiler. Jointly, they complemented each other. Since they were too cabinmates, there is almost certainly that they were getting every other off with tongues and fingers and who knows what else in their cabin.

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Haley Reed

June 21, 2017 – 6:25 am

Haley Reed Haley Reed
Haley Reed @
"Big rocks mean slight rods," Haley Reed tells the clerk at the adult bookstore. She’s referring to 2 things: her wedding ring…and her partner. Haley loves to cheat. It’s like a sport. Haley loves the thrill of lying to her Husband not quite as much as she loves the thrill of greater than typical, black dick. Both make her heart pound…almost with out her chest! Today, she’s getting her thrills by telling Spouse that babe is "out with the girls" as she’s searching for a glory hole. Haley knows she’s in the right spot, likewise! She’s done the internet research, and the clerk at the bookstore doesn’t deny a thing; in fact, the clerk leads her back to the arcade and to booth #7, where it all goes down! And goes down it does!! Haley’s in the room for all of 2 or 3 minutes before a biggest, thick dark ramrod pops through. There is only one way Haley cheats, and that is with "NSA" (no strings attached) dark males!! And where’s the best place for that NSA rencounter Haley thrives on? A brilliance hole, certainly! Look at her play with the titanic load of cream that babe earns…and if the phone rings and it is Boyfriend? Just answer and listen as Haley lies her butt off!
Haley Reed Haley Reed

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Yara Skye

June 21, 2017 – 6:20 am

Yara Skye Yara Skye
Yara Skye @
Yara Skye is in denial. This babe thinks each single porno is a "lie". For example, Mandingo doesn’t actually have a giant, darksome dick. It is fake. Cuckolds do not actually exist. They’re fake, too. And brilliance holes? Some other large lie, perpetuated by porno movie scenes. Don’t receive me wrong — Yara loves filthy movies. She observed ’em all the time…she just doesn’t think they’re "real". Not until she ends up in an adult bookstore with a video arcade in the back of the joint. After Yara voices her skepticism to the clerk, he leads her back to…you guessed it. Booth #7! It’s there Yara will rub her hot, little clit during the time that this babe watches 5 bucks gang a gang bang a dark angel. "That cant be real!" she says. Which is about the time a big, uncut white penis pops throughout the magnificence hole!! It doesn’t take Yara long to ram that bigger in size than run of the mill weenie in her face hole, and it is not much longer before it’s stretching out her diminutive, little twat! This babe works it until her face (and hair) is a mess, sticky with cum. At that point, Yara realizes…yes, magnificence holes are real!!

Yara Skye Yara Skye

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A Rose Is A Rose

June 20, 2017 – 6:09 am

A Rose Is A Rose

A Rose Is A Rose

The funniest line a ladies man ever told to Rose Valentina was “Nice bra buddies, let us shag!” Did it work? Rose didn’t say. But we doubt it did.

This hottie/computer tech/model likes her guys well-dressed, well-hung, well-groomed and well-mannered. She doesn’t like to wear knickers and loves to go out exotic dancing and partying. When this babe leaves the abode she loves to suit sexy.

“I live in heels. Always. I’m merely 5’3″ so I’m all for everything that can make me taller. And for shirts, I am either going to be showing cleavage or totally overspread up cuz there isn’t actually any midst ground. So yeah, I like to suit hawt. I think all chicks adore to feel hot.”

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Giselle Palmer

June 20, 2017 – 5:57 am

Giselle Palmer Giselle Palmer
Giselle Palmer @
Giselle Palmer is a worthwhile beauty. Truly, she’s. The only thing that brought her to this special adult bookshop is her "bestie’s" bachelorette party. All this babe needed was a effortless, "naughty" gift to make all the gals chuckle. Maybe smth indeed naughty…like a smutty movie scene? Previous to Giselle knew it, not only did the clerk thrust one of the naughtiest videos in the store into her hands, this petticoat chaser is hustled Giselle back to a preview booth, so that babe can take a look! It doesn’t take lengthy for the creeps in the store to respond. Soon, there’s a weenie in the hole. "I’m sorry," Giselle says, "I like my husband and it’s just not worth losing him by cheating with u." Seconds after this babe uttered these words, a second, much darker, much larger, meat-thermometer appears. It is nothing love Giselle has ever seen previous to, and "well worth it". That babe can barely fit the whole thing in her mouth, which means it’s gonna stretch her taut, white vagina beyond everything she is ever expert. And it does. The entire time, the inferior dick sits in the aperture…waiting. For everything. That not at all comes. Except the dark meat-thermometer, which cums all over Giselle’s marvelous, blond face! Now, how is Giselle plan to walk with out the store out of all the customers knowing what a bitch she’s just turned into?

Giselle Palmer Giselle Palmer

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From Seamstress To Sexy Model

June 18, 2017 – 10:40 pm

From Seamstress To Hot Glamour model

From Seamstress To Sexy Model

Sabrina-Jade is a part-time adult model but that babe is well on her way to being full-timer since that babe busted into the adult modeling scene. She’s fresh to modeling but a fast learner. She has a great sense of humor and is carefree.

The English bra-buster can always repair her own bras when she busts them ‘coz she’s a seamstress. Her mangos are totally monumental and natural and she likes to wear tops that show off her unfathomable deep cleavage. Sabrina-Jade’s next scene is hardcore.

“I tailor my own clothes ‘coz my bigger than standard bra buddies and dunky back can be a problem with typical sizes. I adore hawt garments and heels. I own many hawt dresses, catsuits, corsets, PVC and leather garments, a lot of boots and shoes and, oh yeah, slavery outfits as well.

“I began to develop at 14 years old,” told Sabrina. She wanted to try adult modeling and porn and she went ahead and did it, discovering that this babe loves the attention, the pleasure and the awards. Sabrina’s first Vmag layout is in August 2017.

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Amaya May & The Bra Thief

June 17, 2017 – 1:11 pm

Amaya May & The Bra Thief

Amaya May & The Below garment Thief

Joe has stolen one of Amaya May‘s big bras. This charmer didn’t win it in a Voluptuous contest. Joe is in bed when Amaya finds it in his closet. She doesn’t yell at him for taking it or call the bra police. Since Joe has not been jizzing all over her extra-large tit-sling, Amaya comes to a culmination to put it on for him and adult model it before that babe blows, tit-fucks and bangs his brains out. Amaya truly is a generous dominant-bitch with a great pair of large bumpers. Giant and real, in fact.

SCORELAND: Had in nature’s garb modeling in front of a digital camera ever crossed your mind?

Amaya: Not truly. I just did the cam thing and I was nice with that, and not until I was approached by SCORE did I guess, “That might be smth I’d consider.”

SCORELAND: Do you sometimes have to make sure lads aren’t dating you because of your greater than run of the mill bra buddies?

Amaya: No, because the unconventional thing is that the pair of long-term relationships I have been in were not with boob men. They’d say, “I couldn’t care less what size your milk sacks are,” and it was frustrating cuz I adore my bumpers to be played with and given lots of attention, and they would hardly pay them any attention.

SCORELAND: Unbelievable. And you love tit-fucking?

Amaya: Yep. I love anything with my funbags. I wish people to wanna touch ’em and watch them and suck on ’em. That’s what they’re here for!

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An anal fucking for the busty first-timer

June 16, 2017 – 5:29 am

An anal fucking for the big breasted first-timer

An anal banging for the big breasted first-timer

“I’ve always been Big-Boob, since I was very young,” told 51-year-old divorcee and mother-of-two Josie Ray. “I started to develop when I was 14. The boys would tanalise me in school about the boobies and ‘accidentally’ elbow me and snap the undergarment strap. Things love that. Ask to see them.”

That babe didn’t unveil ’em until she got maturer, and now that babe is doing a lot more than just showing off these DDD-cup naturals.

This babe is engulfing and rogering on-camera for the first time. Taking a large porn shlong up her constricted a-hole, likewise.

“It’s very exciting,” this babe said. “It’s been a long time since I have done anal, so I am lewd about that.”

And when u see Josie Ray in her short, tight, low-cut dress, you’ll be excited to see her mouthing and banging. She’s from Alabama, which makes her fuck-mate in this scene an Alabama slammer.

“I love to cook,” Josie Ray tells us in the pre-fuck interview. “I’m truly into making things from scratch. I like to make my own skin-care products. I’ve dogs that I adore very much. I take care of my dogs.”

Did this babe say “skin-care products”?

Tony’s got a skin-care product for her.

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Monet! Monet! Monet!

June 14, 2017 – 11:11 pm

Monet! Monet! Monet!

Monet! Monet! Monet!

“I like to have sex as often as possible, and there are so many recent things I desire to try,” said Oksana Monet, a 44-year-old wife and Mother. This was one of the things she wanted to try…doing porn, that is. That babe enjoyed it so much the 1st time that that babe came back for a second go-round.

“I haven’t done lots of the wild things that others may have, but I am more than ready to try,” that babe said. “I would like to have sex with sweethearts and younger dudes.”

Joe, the lad that babe is sucking and screwing here, is 27 years old. That is a 17-year age difference, which is glamorous sizeable. The thing is, Oksana is so sexy, her body is so mint, that babe can put most 20somethings to shame.

“Can you make no doubt of I don’t have any dildos or sex tools at home?” Oksana said. “I usually use my fingers when I wanna masturbate.”

Oksana was born in the Czechia and lives in Virginia. Her erotic fantasy is “two boys trying to make me cum many times.” We could arrange that! She’s a real-estate agent. This babe enjoys gymnastics, swimming, dripping and working out. She gives Joe a wonderful workout in this scene, and he finishes the workout by cumming on her fashionable face. Oksana rubs his jizz into her face and priceless funbags. She looks right into the digital camera whilst that babe does so, looks right at you.

We’d say she’s a natural at this.

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