Kelly Kay – Suits Her

April 29, 2016 – 8:25 am

Suits Her

Suits Her

Not likewise many women look hawt in a track dress. But then afresh, not also many hotties wear hot, dark underwear beneath their white velour. And not also many honey bunnys are Kelly Kay. But Kelly doesn’t have the track dress on for very lengthy. And this babe doesn’t have that black underware on for very long, either!

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Desirae – Sunrise

April 28, 2016 – 2:09 am



A Key Largo sunrise takes on a complete new meaning when Desirae strips on the beach for u. Observe her jerk off her jaw-dropping areolae as u imagine gobbling her gazongas. Contemplate the body that your stiff pole is mad to permeate. Watch her wide-open like nest as you await to quaff her quim. Yessiree, you could write a book about Desirae. But first you’ll wanna jack. The “On Location Key Largo” DVD is now obtainable at It is one of the high-reaching big-bust productions ever made.

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Angelique – G.I. Angelique

April 26, 2016 – 8:24 pm

G.I. Angelique

G.I. Angelique

In October ’03 SCORE, Angelique’s uniform did no thing to camouflage her deadly bra buddies. Just to prove this point, that babe undresses down to her army boots. This babe examines her own body, showing us she has no secret weapons on her, has nothing to hide! Well, that is not entirely true. U see, there’s this pink sex-toy and …. War need not be hell, especially when u have a piece like this! Let that desert storm without your pants as you rifle through these fotos. Parts of you will howdy! U know the drill. Do not make Angelique send u back to boob camp!

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Angela White – Angela’s first threesome

April 25, 2016 – 4:18 pm

Angela’s first three-some

Angela's first threesome

Something’s going on in the bedroom of our beach house in St. Maarten, the Caribbean. It’s Angela and Maggie Green playing with every other’s milk cans and eating every other’s vaginas.

“Oh, u have such a valuable tongue!” Angela says as Maggie eats her wet crack. “Now all I need is a greater than standard, overweight schlong in my throat at the same time.”

That sounds love an invitation to Juan, who’s fortunate sufficient to be in the room.

“Come on over here,” Angela says. “Come give me your large knob!”

And away they go for Angela’s first on-camera threesome.

“I adore bigger in size than typical tits and I adore rock hard jock and I gotta have the one and the other at the same time,” Angela said. “I loved having Maggie’s hands all over my pointer sisters whilst Juan was banging me. Maggie and I the one and the other have greater than run of the mill melons and we’re both slutty all the time. I’d say that’s a ideal combination!”

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Kerry Marie – Warehouse

April 24, 2016 – 12:14 pm



When a SCORE shipping department employee calls in sick, Kerry is the first to lend a hand in unloading SCORE Group magazines. We’re not saying that us others are lazy, but those boxes weigh a friggin’ ton and lots of us have spinal problems and hernias, so we must be careful about lifting. Kerry is a doll and is always ready to pitch in. In fact, this babe often rings us from home, asking if any staff have called off so this babe can take the teach into London and spend the day at our warehouse. If that’s not dedication, no thing is.

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – The Blue Couch

April 23, 2016 – 6:17 am

The Blue Couch

The Blue Couch

In The Blue Ottoman, LDM enters with a toy that could serve double duty as a rolling pin for cookie making. She does manage to squeeze a scarcely any inches of the monster into her taut cookie, an weird sight, to say the least.

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Kelly Kay – Perfect Pointers

April 22, 2016 – 1:46 am

Consummate Pointers

Perfect Pointers

Watch Kelly Kay on DVD…because your subrigid drive might go boom one day and your collection will disappear. Alone With Kelly Kay is an all-Kelly DVD with nine scenes-with backstage video-as she poses alongside her Mother, plus a slip expose and a few other backstage scenes. Big boobed Jack Girls features one Kelly video plus clips of sweater-stretching Romanian cuties Crisa, Joana, Augustina, Florri and Petra. Crisa and Joana are now superstars.

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – 21th Century Fox

April 20, 2016 – 9:35 pm

21th Century Fox

21th Century Fox

“LDM is the gold standard for large funbags, great body, worthwhile face, captivating slit and creamy a-hole. Many adult models have been compared to LDM and none have beaten her so far. Who has come close to the number of pictorials and magazine appearances around the world, including the United Kingdom in advance of that babe was Eighteen? She deserved to win SCORE Sex star of the year for years. Finally, it’s lengthy overdue that this babe won the title. With all due respect to Julia Miles, LDM is by far the superior female and I do not understand these voters. Had she lost anew, I’d have prepared a vitriolic 3 page letter to SCORE in protest.-J.”

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Let’s Dance

April 19, 2016 – 5:56 pm

Let’s Dance

Let's Dance

Letters to Linsey

“As far as I’m anxious Linsey Dawn McKenzie is SCORE mag! Linsey is not only the SCORE Porn star of the year again, she’s the SCORE Adult model of the Century!-S.H.”

“Model of the Year: Linsey Dawn McKenzie. Nicole Peters and Ines Cudna keep looking more magnificant every time you unveil ’em. They are in a close battle for second. Linsey is miles ahead in this race.-T.S.”

The SCORE and Voluptuous Contests are coming to a close. There is some other week of voting previous to the ballot box is sealed. If you have not voted yet, receive over here to the glamour photoshoot Flashback To Flashdance for the rules.

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Autumn-Jade – Autumn Cover Shots

April 18, 2016 – 1:51 pm

Autumn Cover Shots

Autumn Cover Shots

This is a series of Autumn photographs intended for magazine cover usage. The photos were photographed on medium format film for bigger clarity and image reproduction. The “white lace series” (1-12) was lensed for August 2000 SCORE. It is unconventional amongst cover pictures because it was discharged on a bedroom set and not against solid color or white seamless paper. (The background was taken out in post-production.) The “red series” (21-31) was lensed for October ’98 Voluptuous.

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Kerry Marie – Bed Are Not For Sleeping

April 17, 2016 – 10:04 am

Daybed Are Not For Sleeping

Bed Are Not For Sleeping

“I have to buy my bras from specific shops. Sometimes I can go directly to a valuable shop when I am in London. I also buy bras on the Net but I much most like to buy ’em in person so I can get a proper fitting by an accomplished under garment lady. It’s not fun to get a below garment in the post and need to return it by post with a letter coz it hurts to wear when the thongs cut into my shoulders or the cups are too uncomfortable. I guess I usually own about 10 or 12 bras at any once. They wear out fast as u can imagine. What makes it even more difficult is that my fullsome funbags keep getting bigger in size! I wear a below garment archetypal for general support. In this glamour photoshoot, I’m not wearing a undergarment. I hope u do not mind! I suppose I talked so much about bras cuz I was just looking at the Undergarment Saleslady clip I did!”

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