Tanner Mayes – A Sucky Audition

February 7, 2016 – 9:55 am

A Sucky Try-out

A Sucky Audition

“I’ll admit that I sucked in my audition. I sucked at singing and then I sucked a dick. What happened was that my tryout didn’t commence off so well. I was singing way off key. One of the producers told me that I wasn’t meant to be a singer, but I could still be a star if I fucked him nice. I was all about it! I love getting screwed stiff, and it is even more joy if there’s a digital camera in my face. The auditions indeed took a turn for the more excellent when the producer let me smack his penis. And of course that led to us screwing. We went at it so hard and so lengthy that I was a hawt mess by the time we were done. I was all perspired and had cum and makeup smeared all over my face. It’s a smutty job, and that is why I adore it.”

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Nicole Peters – The Girl Next Door

February 6, 2016 – 6:09 am

The Gal Next Door

The Angel Next Door

This photo set spreads with Nicole wearing something you might see her wearing on the street one afternoon as this babe goes about her business, walking to work or shopping. That is one of the things that makes Nicole so special: She’s not a porno star. She’s an normal gal. But there is nothing ordinary about Nicole, not her love bubbles, not her stunner. Previous to lengthy, we’re getting to see what the charmer on the streets doesn’t must see. Merely at NicolePeters.com.

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Keisha Grey

February 5, 2016 – 6:34 am

Keisha Grey Keisha Grey
Keisha Grey @ InterracialBlowBang.com
Keisha Grey is a darksome meat-thermometer bimbo. This is common knowledge. What tons of people do not know is, when Keisha acquires bored — and concupiscent — that babe dresses up adore the bitch is that babe and goes on the prowl. Do I’ve to say she’s looking for darksome weenie? Or that she’ll walk into just about any establishment to receive some? This day that babe strolls into a social disrobe club. One where this babe knows the dark bucks hang. Sure enough, that is 8 or 9 in the club. And sure sufficient, Keisha walks right in and begins to flirt with ’em. In a short time, she is screwing and mouthing and in advance of u know it, attractive Keisha Grey is a cumdumpster, literally covered in spunk.
Keisha Grey Keisha Grey

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Luscious Lounger

February 5, 2016 – 1:57 am

Soaked Lounger

Luscious Lounger

Letters to Linsey:

Salute Linsey,
Your glamour photoshoot Arse Kicker is very, very different! I noticed that you’ve a piercing in your lip? I hope it is a fake one and just added for this very special photo-shoot. U look so glamourous without it. Your #1 Fan in Denmark, R. C., Copenhagen

(Note: yep, it wasn’t a real piercing!)

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Tiffany Towers – Big-Boobed Boss

February 3, 2016 – 9:25 pm

Big-Boobed Boss

Big-Boobed Boss

In this dream set, Tiffany is your big-boobed boss, a woman who wishes u to work very stiff to keep her pleasured. How hard? Rock hard as a schlong, certainly. She calls u into her office so that u can read some rencounter notes to her and all of a sudden she’s dancing off her hot clothing and showing u her lacy underthings. Bet you have not at all had a woman employer who wanted to take your dictation adore this. In a short time, Tiffany is sprawled on her desk, fingering her pussy and cumming loudly. Does any work acquire done in this office? It will when Tiffany wraps her lips around your cock and begins giving u a sloppy oral-stimulation!

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Christy Marks – Titty Dancer

January 29, 2016 – 5:00 pm

Titty Dancer

Titty Dancer

When Elton John sang the words, “Hold me closer, small dancer,” do u think that this chab was talking about a gal gyrating and stripping like Christy Marks? That gent shoulda been! And the lyrics should have been, “Hold me closer, Titty Dancer.” View Christy do a sexual and naughty dance, lap dancing her hawt clothes off as this babe goes until she is absolutely in nature’s garb and her big billibongs are bouncing all over the place. And in true, pliant fashion (Christy swears by yoga.) this babe does back bends and shakes it down to the ground. And all that nasty lap dancing makes her randy (Just adore it should make you randy, likewise!) so that babe spreads her creamy haunches and acquires to plugging. There’s no thing love Christy stroking her pierced hood and flicking her concupiscent clit. Oh, yeah…hold me closer, Titty dancer.

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Red Dynamo

January 28, 2016 – 7:25 am

Red Dynamo

Red Dynamo

Honor Lads,
Linsey and LinseysWorld wanna publish this email from one of our brave boyz stationed in the centre east. We are blanking out his name and regiment. “Godspeed their safe return to their homes in United Realm, the States, Australia and other coalition countries.”

“Linsey, I apologise, but this has to be way shorter than I’d love it to be. You watch, I am writing to u from the — Marine Regiment in Baghdad, Iraq. We have fought our way here from Kuwait. I just wanted u to know that we have spent many cold, juicy and hungry nights along the way. But, we’ve had a scarcely any fotos of you circulating through the studs. There’re worthy scarcely any, but we’ve managed to share as superlatively worthwhile we can. So, this is just a thank-you note for keeping us company along the way. We’re all humongous fans. I want I could initiate to describe what an impact you’ve had on the unit. But, I’m sure it doesn’t take much imagination to guess exactly how you have contributed to our morale.”

Cpl. ———–,
—- Marine Regiment

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Arianna Sinn – How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying

January 27, 2016 – 3:43 am

How To Succeed In Business With out Really Trying

How To Succeed In Business With out Truly Trying

There are many ways to become a successful executive. You can work subrigid. You can try to impress your boss. You can kiss your boss’s booty every which way. U can come up with a great idea, something actually innovative.

Or you can have larger than run of the mill wobblers and display them in blouses that are mostly unbuttoned. That’s the route Arianna Sinn has obviously taken in these pics. Can u imagine having a boss with a rack adore hers?

Arianna’s humongous, fleshy G-cups and full, cushioned thighs look especially enticing in those fotos, and although this babe is very skilled looking, that babe has a very soft, lovely look about her.

“I have a very difficult time acting love a bimbo coz I am not a bimbo,” Arianna said. “I do not think I’d make a very worthwhile boss. I suppose I would make a more breathtaking office worker. I’m very experienced at serving fellows.”

Indeed, we think Arianna would make a great boss. We’d not ever be afraid of being called into her office. We’d always be ready to work nights. And we’d gladly kiss her a-hole…and her mammaries. And we’d always work inflexible. Always rock hard!

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Christy Marks – Big-Gunned Goddess

January 25, 2016 – 11:28 pm

Big-Gunned Mistress

Big-Gunned Bitch angel

It’s almost heavenly how sexy Christy looks in this toga. We don’t know about you, but when we first saw her in this outfit we were transported back to all these high-school toga parties and NONE of the cuties ever looked this priceless. Christy resembles a Grecian dream! But the best part of this photoshoot, by far, is when Christy pours water all over her cannons. Big, wet knockers at not time fail to entertain. They look wet and like they need somebody to towel them off. Ah, Christy, you are the female-dominator of all things big-boobed and hawt.

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Maximum Insertion: One Into Two

January 24, 2016 – 7:46 pm

Maximum Insertion: One Into Two

Maximum Insertion: One Into Two

One Into Two: From the DVD Maximum Insertion
Now this is what you have been envisaging for. Not only does Linsey copulate in this scene–the 1st hardcore since Preeminent Linsey–but it also involves a carnal trio with breasty Czech bouncer Veronika. Let’s face it. XXX should be raunchy or what’s the point? The gals start off by taking turns slobbering the greasy pole of alleged fitness trainer Mr. Trousersnake, Linsey first, during the time that still pumping pedals. Veronika fingers the shaft and feeds it to Linsey. They flick their tongues over the mast and Linsey oralizes half the shaft down her mouth previous to giving it back to Veronika. The angels donate much oral-sex attention previous to this petticoat chaser acquires to rest his rock hard cock over their mambos whilst they stare at the camera (which happens to be the photo at right). On her feet, Linsey bows forward, then rotates sideways as the coach shags her 1st doggystyle in a standing position. Veronika climbs onto a machine and sucks off Trousersnake, then LDM gets it from behind. LDM goes for a spin on top, getting the meat-log deep. One as well as the other gals work out to refresh their throat worship of prick, an action which Mr. Trousersnake does not complain about. LDM receives injected anew in piledriver position, one of the horniest poses there’s, then this babe holds onto the sidebars for another standing doggie whilst Veronika sucks LDM’s coveted love bubbles. A sidesaddle beef-injection for Linsey is next whilst that babe stares at the digital camera and pinches her nipples. Veronika acquires on top for a during the time that and clutches ramrod with her snatch muscles, then they segway into an unexpected pose: Linsey doing a semi-handstand as she fills her throat during the time that Veronika holds LDM steady and manages to lick her a-hole cheeks at the same time. Next, Veronika licks Linsey’s kit-kat during the time that LDM receives the shaft from behind afresh. LDM comes to a culmination to sit on his face and go for a mustache ride while Veronika deep mouths his rod. In an odd position (in a photo-shoot filled with atypical poses that would give the Royal Chinese Circus a stupendous charleyhorse) Linsey stands and spread-eagles herself against the bars while Veronika licks one nipple and Trousersnake rubs the head of his pecker against the other nipp. Mr. Trousersnake can’t hold it anymore and shoots a load onto both girls’ waiting mountains as the two kneel and kiss every other. It’s always priceless to watch curvacious beauties kiss, especially when their lips glisten with nut-slop. There can be a happy ending, sometimes.

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Christy Marks – Majorette Mamaries

January 23, 2016 – 3:51 pm

Majorette Mamaries

Majorette Mamaries

Twirling and twisting, Christy swings her baton during the time that her monumental zeppelins push the seams of her majorette’s uniform to the bursting point. With each undulating motion, they come closer and closer to springing without her top and into your face. And just then you think that you can’t take some other second of her whoppers slapping jointly forcefully, threatening to shred her costumes to pieces, out they come and her nipps are instantly rigid. (Just love u should be, ‘coz this babe isn’t cheering for the team; she’s cheering for your Johnson, buddy.)

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