Anal Angel

May 27, 2017 – 6:08 am

Anal Beauty

Anal Angel

British lovely heart Angel Sweets phones a company about their line of skin creams. This babe asks if a salesman can come over and demonstrate their products. They send George over to big-chested Angel’s flat. George is their paramount chap at servicing female customers. This chab is always subrigid at work. When he sees Angel, he’s determined to satisfy her needs.

Beauty checks out the hand man juice they make. Then she urges to try the firming skin cream for her bigger than typical bouncy bosoms. This is George’s lucky day. They do not make tit sex cream so that gent exposes her another lotion. Hotty asks if that dude has a peculiar massaging technique he uses. Jackpot! He’s happy to get his hands on her national treasures and demonstrate his …uhh…”technique.”

Gal takes her gigantic bazookas with out her top as George rubs away. This babe asks him in a matter-of-fact way if this product will firm her fun bags. Gal begins to breathe very heavily and her teats stiffen. “I love it,” this babe whispers. As lengthy as George is working on her mambos, that Lothario might as well suck her teats. Hotty sticks out a long tongue to lick her areolas too. Now to seal the deal.

George moves Angel’s panties to the side and sticks a finger in her snatch. That petticoat chaser gives her a quick finger-bang, then slips off her thongs. Gal lies back on the bed with her legs parted, her large melons in one as well as the other hands. George tongues her shaven fur pie and finger-fucks the busty blond once more, this time very rock hard and fast.

Angel reaches for his cock. This babe fancies a valuable shagging. George turns her around so her butt is in the air and this chab can take her doggy position. They stop so Angel can suck and tit-fuck him. That babe sits on him, then receives on her back. George penetrates Angel’s gazoo this time and pumps. This drives Cutie over the edge. Her eyes roll back, her throat widens wide and she screams loudly in excitement and enjoyment during her bum-banging.

George pulls with out Angel’s constricted wazoo, willing to pop. She jacks him off with one hand during the time that she frigs her pussy with the other hand. Her clutch makes him cum in her envisaging throat as that babe stares at him. After watching her two XXX scenes at XL Girls, It is clear to us that Gal is one very sexually excited dominant-bitch.

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Alaura Grey Is Back!

May 25, 2017 – 11:19 pm

Alaura Grey Is Back!

Alaura Grey Is Back!

When Alaura Grey initially appeared at XL Cuties on November Third, 2014, that babe was an immediate sensation. The collective passion never diminished. Alaura’s final shoot was at the beginning of February, 2015 and since that time, we’ve kept in touch asking her to return. For two years, Alaura was reluctant as well as just being busy with typical life.

Some events take time.

For these 2 years, numerous pleas to watch Alaura kept coming in from scores of dudes crushing on her since they first saw her. “When is Alaura coming back?” they kept asking. We did wonder if that first time was gonna be her final time.

Alaura has a strong magnetic effect, adore the gravitational pull of a heavenly body. It is not just her physical presence. It is too her woman-next-door appeal that hypnotizes boys.

And now Alaura’s back. Patience has its awards. And the awards acquire more extraordinary and larger. Alaura’s wondrous funbags are two cup sizes greater. They’re now a 36M. Even relaxed, her nipples are prominent and look upright. More Alaura and some big surprises are next.

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Thick & Tasty

May 24, 2017 – 12:58 pm

Thick & Yummy

Thick & Tasty

“I’m not facile, but I just receive so damn horny!” says Sapphire, a angel who started at The SCORE Group as a Voluptuous magazine Angel and transformed over the years. “If a lad says and does all the right things, I am glamorous much putty in his hands.”

Sapphire talks about how this babe loves her massive mammaries handled. Because she is a larger cutie, boyz do not have to be afraid to be a little coarse. She likes her areolas pinched, pulled and nibbled but not bitten.

Sapphire talks about one of her favourite things, being spanked and ass-grabbed. That babe loves unbending fucking. Being taken…overpowered, to use her words.

When Sapphire kneels so Jarrod can group action her bigger in size than typical whoppers, it is obvious that his dick is gonna disappear betwixt her titanic love melons. Sure enough, that happens. Her deep cleavage is longer than his wang. It is stylish.

Sapphire sucks him rock hard and then bends over to acquire fucked; those massively giant milky-melons dangling and swinging.

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Bath, Boobs & Beyond

May 23, 2017 – 6:14 am

Washroom, Funbags & Beyond

Bath, Mambos & Beyond

Anna Carlene is all a’titter. Checking herself out in the bath mirror, this babe can’t live out of what this babe sees. She’s wearing a very hawt two-piece that makes her look adore an American country goddess. Anna is Italian and looks it.

Anna gives herself a spritz by the sink, then sits on the crapper seat to give herself some hand-relief. Anna (also known as Billie Bombs) gets up to come into the baths but stops again to rub her pussy and the sensitive area between her pussy-slit and her backdoor.

The black brown doll receives into the bathroom and, lastly, gives us the noted Anna Carlene filthy talk in her Italian-accented English and fuck-me voice. That bigger than run of the mill, darksome cock-shaped sex toy doesn’t stand a chance.

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Hot, Oily & Wet In The Sauna

May 21, 2017 – 10:34 pm

Hawt, Oily & Luscious In The Sauna

Hot, Oily & Damp In The Sauna

Bathing suit chick Micky Bells doesn’t need a sauna to heat up. She’s already hawt. Once inside the sauna, Micky receives even hotter, oily and damp. Love Joana, Micky is an active big busted legend, an awe-inspiring figure of a woman who becomes the center of attention wherever that babe goes. That babe thinks her billibongs now weigh 1.5 to TWO kilograms (THREE.3 to 4.4 pounds) every. And now, love Katarina Dubrova, Micky is a M.I.L.F..

SCORELAND: Have you ever broken a bathing suit or underneath garment strap?

Micky: I have. Not just once.

SCORELAND: Have your melons ever fallen without your top in public?

Micky: They have! And there were likewise many people around!

SCORELAND: Where do you discover bras your size?

Micky: I shop at and I like ’em to fit and not make my boobs come out of the top of the brassiere. I don’t must expose lots of breast valley, it just pops out.

SCORELAND: And you store things in your deep cleavage…

Micky: Yes. Lipstick, my phone, wallets. It depends.

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Assh Lee

May 20, 2017 – 1:18 pm

Assh Lee Assh Lee
Assh Lee @
Assh Lee hails from Spain, and the second she stepped off the plane and got her hotel, this babe went on a hunt for an adult bookshop. No joke. Assh is a super wench, and she loves watching her porno on DVD’s! Not just any porno either…Assh can’t live out of IR! She likes watching coarse, dirty IR porn, and the clerk at the store helps her discover the Dogfart section. "Would you like to preview a hardly any of these titles?" asks the clerk. Certainly she does, and one time led to the back of the store, where the clip arcade is located. Once inside, u know how it goes down: in the midst of working her like button, a monumental dark wang pops throughout the hole! Assh can’t believe her eyes, and from there it is on! That babe sucks and fucks, and Assh suggests up all 3 holes to the random Lothario in the booth next door! The BBC dumps a humongous load directly into Assh’s taut, constricted butthole! It’s an amazing anal creampie, and even after she squeezed out a immense amount of goo, this babe felt it dripping down her legs the rest of the day!

Assh Lee Assh Lee

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Milly Makes It Hard

May 20, 2017 – 12:50 pm

Milly Makes It Rock hard

Milly Makes It Hard

The sexy connection many have waited for since they saw JMac walk into Milly Marks‘ interview with Dave (“Making Her Marks”). JMac picked Milly up and bounced her. This babe is at not time had sex in that position or in the piledriver position either. “But I am very open to it,” laughed Milly during the time that she was upside-down. And then JMac ambled back into the abode during the time that Milly and Dave continued their interview.

Insanely hot Milly starts off by sticking her big knockers a not many inches from the digi camera lens and playing with them. JMac gives Milly a hand, feeling the softness and the weight. They move into the living room after Milly’s slutty boobies and gazoo expose and have epic sex.

The room is filled with her screams as this chab plunges into her youthful muff. Milly does get picked up and that babe does learn the piledriver position. Milly’s magic takes its effect on JMac leading to a facial and what a fashionable face she has to nut on.

“Guys like to cum on my meatballs, and I adore it, also,” Milly told. “I would say my face is second. I do not know why, but guys love giving me facial cumshots. That’s a thing. Not tons of boyz cum in my slit.”

This scene is likewise on the DVD Introducing Milly Marks. Only a handful of cuties are the sole stars of a SCORE DVD. Milly is one of the chosen few.

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Sex lessons, by Ms. Sheree Delight

May 19, 2017 – 6:17 am

Sex lessons, by Ms. Sheree Delight

Sex lessons, by Ms. Sheree Delight

Teacher, teacher! This day, 51-year-old Sheree Delight–Ms. Delight to Patrick, her student–is trying to receive him to pay attention in class. But it turns out that Patrick’s mind is occupied with other things, love his girlfriend.

“We’re the one and the other very inexperienced,” this chab tells Ms. Delight.

Sheree tries to get him to talk about his relationship with his girlfriend, but he’s reluctant.

“This is where I can aid you,” Sheree insists. “Come up here and sit next to me.”

Hey, wait a minute…isn’t this supposed to be history class? History of what? Patrick’s knob? She asks him about his hardon. This babe basically asks him about anything.

Then this babe has him touch her milk shakes.

“Does that babe have large fullsome funbags adore me?” Sheree says.

And away they go!

U see, this is the kind of hands-on attention from teachers that would really keep students interested in their studies. They would always come to class–at least the male students would–knowing that if they did not, they might miss a orall-service. They might miss the chance to copulate the teacher right on her desk and cum on her face.

The dropout rate? Zero.

Sheree is a divorcee, Mom and grandmother from Huntington Beach, California. This is her 1st scene. It’s a wonderful one. Have fun. Check out it carefully. There’ll be a test the next day.

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Michele Marks’ first time

May 17, 2017 – 10:47 pm

Michele Marks’ first time

Michele Marks' first time

Michele Marks, a 46-year-old divorcee and swinger who’s kinda married, kinda partnered, has some advice for u before you check out her 1st hardcore clip.

“Grab it by the base!” Michele says.

Sure, Michele! And jack off it, right?

Michele strokes a wang in this scene. That babe too sucks it and fucks it. Then she opens her mouth for the guy’s cum. It is an astonishing initial debut.

“I like sex!” Michele says. “I love how much fun and release there is.”

We asked Michele how that babe came our way, and she said, “I was looking for a job that I’d adore, and then one day, I was watching porn and I thought, ‘Any job in the porn industry I’d probably adore.’ And so I have been an assistant and I’m trying to acquire behind the digi camera as well. I am trying to receive my feet succulent in all the facets of the industry, and this is one of them. Lucky me!”

Favourable we!

“I love porn. I’ve been watching porn since I was 18 or Nineteen years aged.”

Michele is into S&M. Her parents were swingers’, and now she’s one, likewise. She’s from Kansas and lives in California. This babe says young dudes look to her for her carnal openness.

“I adore that they go home and jerk off to me.”

Just adore we’re doing now.

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Living Art

May 16, 2017 – 1:15 pm

Living Art

Living Art

This XL Gals video of Selena Castro will explain why men become artists. Do not fall for all that crap about art being “a discipline of modern society using the application of design and color theory in its reflections.” Huh? Guys become artists to acquire plenty of exposed pantoons, love tunnels and booties in the studio. That’s it. Know what we mean? And if they have the right approach, they receive lots of excited gals jumping their bones after the artwork is done for the day.

Here you’ll see Selena posing for the great artist Handsy. She gets so worked up that she needs to cum right then and there. We have viewed this in advance of. Posing receives a model’s hormones bubbling.

Selena said she masturbates in her shower–that’s the real reason they invented hand-held shower heads. She doesn’t wear a beneath garment when that babe goes to sleep, and she considers herself a girly hotty.

“I dress girly,” says Selena. “I love pink and I always receive to have pink on me. I like wearing clothes and getting attention from every woman chaser. I love being the kind of cutie that u notice when you’re driving past me or looking me over at the next table in a restaurant.”

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Elle Flynn’s Really Big Wet Ones

May 15, 2017 – 6:01 am

Elle Flynn’s Truly Big Wet Ones

Elle Flynn's Indeed Large Juicy Ones

“I need a lot of support to hold up my greater than run of the mill love bubbles but I still need my whoppers to look valuable,” Voluptuous Gal Elle Flynn said. “I’m favourable. I can buy bras right off the rack at Victoria’s Secret. I always receive looked at. Beauties like my big milk shakes too. They’ll ask me questions about them, especially when I am shopping for bras or underware. When I was a bartender, the conversation often moved to my chest.

“At home, I adore to be topless and let the girls free. At the Adore Ranch, I get all the breast-men that like to have sex with big breasted honeys. My beloved position is doggie-style so the man can hold my love muffins.”

Elle heads into the shower where this babe soaks herself still clothed, then gets exposed and shakes her enormous scoops like avid, sucks her teats and gives her love tunnel a spanking. It’s been very bad and needed one.

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