Merilyn Sakova – Jumper 32G

March 6, 2015 – 10:31 am

Jumper 32G

Jumper 32G

Merilyn’s chest is already covered in girl-sweat as Jumper 32G begins. She’s been stretching her handsome limbs love a ballerina as a warm-up for her rope jumping. It’s an breathtaking sight to see Merilyn’s priceless milk shakes bouncing as that babe skips rope. The Ukrainian super-girl says that trickling and jumping have at not time been her favourite exercises going back to her school days. Her whoppers are just also heavy to run and jump regularly…but she’ll do it on episodes just for her fans. Isn’t she just likewise enjoyable? She needs to hydrate. After a slight in number sips, she dumps the rest on her chest, oohing and ahhing as the phat liquid streams over her hawt body, which this babe pronounces “Chhott!” What a admirable beauty, with a great sense of humor. That babe is joy and thrilling to check out. The more we see commonplace episodes like this, the more we learn about Merilyn and the more a breast-man can appreciate her personality and style.

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Haileey James – Daddy’s Horny Little Girl

March 5, 2015 – 6:44 am

Daddy’s Sexually excited Little Gal

Daddy's Excited Little Girl

Haileey lives in a house that resembles a French whorehouse. Her dad’s out working, and that babe is home alone all day getting sexually excited. Presumably she’s sick of watching the soaps, so that babe receives one of his salesmen over to the abode on false pretenses and jumps his bones as soon as that fellow walks in the door. Who the copulate needs to swap slight talk when you can suck schlong and bonk instead? So the salesman receives his shlong sucked and his wang moist doing the boss’s daughter, and Haileey gets well and actually reamed. It’s a win-win, cum-cum situation all around!

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – That PVC Shine with Linsey

March 4, 2015 – 2:23 am

That PVC Shine with Linsey

That PVC Shine with Linsey

Linsey poses for a photo shoot in Miami called “That PVC Shine with Linsey”, wearing a fetish outfit and kinky, pointy boots against a minimalist backdrop. Watching LDM pose for the photographer is a reminder of how great she’s on the set and what body control this babe has.

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Arianna Sinn – Blue Satin Doll

March 2, 2015 – 10:42 pm

Blue Satin Doll

Blue Satin Doll

These pix were taken inside and without our beach house in the Dominican Republic. Arianna was there for numerous days with Dominican bra-destroyers Miosotis, Vanessa Del and Kristina Milan. Here, Arianna isn’t destroying a undergarment. She is pouring out of a hot blue, satin top with a plunging neckline. She is also wearing a denim skirt and-surprise!-no knickers! Arianna often went pantiless during her week in the D.R. That babe told us that babe loved the feeling of the sea breeze against her hairless muff.

When the action moves inside, Arianna gives us incredibly jackable views of her booty and pussy. That babe gets on all fours, lifts a leg and spreads an arse cheek so we can watch her goodies. Then there is more nipple-pinching and bawdy cleft play.

“When I was in the D.R., I was always lascivious,” Arianna told. “I hope it reveals in my fotos. I hope u adore them.”

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Chloe Vevrier – Clothed Seduction

March 1, 2015 – 6:23 pm

Dressed Seduction

Clothed Seduction

When Scoreland took a poll to look at what were the most asked for fantasy layouts, “Harem Girl” is one of the all time favorites. I, myself, have thought that wearing a very see-through harem outfit was greatly hawt. I’ve worn one as my personal favorite masquerade ball outfit. One year I took belly-dancing lessons just to complement my Halloween suit. I got so many compliments and I can’t tell u how many males came to tell me that they thought I was the sexiest person in the room. Those were fans of mine who have seen me unclothed, and I think they adore me with my filmy harem trousers even better. I know ChloesWorld people will argue that point, but when u think of the popularity of all the Victoria Secret adult models, and how cherished that catalog is, perhaps, more (sexy clothes, that is…) is more worthwhile. When I shop, I often adore to buy hawt outfit, which cover a lot, but at the same time expose a lot too. I know I attract plenty of attention ‘cuz of my greater than standard milk cans. But I attract a lot more attention wearing a tight dress with anything overspread, scarcely any deep cleavage, but having my unyielding areolas protruding out of the fabric. I’m told it drives chaps batty. Many times, I can feel them mentally undressing me. And, how they can’t live out of to undress me! When I was exposed modeling for this pictorial, I detected that wearing a veil, made me work harder. I detected that I was being more expressive with my eyes. I was flirting with the cameras more. I was moving my body more seductively…my hands, and my fingers were more expressive…I felt so much more hawt. Perhaps when fans ask for a harem girl glamour photoshoot, fans are asking for the mystery…the exotic seduction of just seeing enough to whet the appetite, and then letting the imagination take over. We had jasmine and sandalwood candles burning and lending a “harem” feeling to the set and my body was responding to this raunchy aromatherapy. I was randy! I was succulent! I was willing! Perhaps that’s why the sultan always had eunuchs in the harem. Fortunately for me, The SCORE Group have no eunuchs, just good-looking webbies and editorial chaps. Lucky me! As I go on to the next fantasy layout, let me know if you have a dream that needs to be fulfilled. We aim to please! Ciao! Chloe

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Karina Hart – The seven-inch itch

February 28, 2015 – 3:01 pm

The seven-inch itch

The seven-inch itch

If Marilyn Monroe had been super-stacked and worn green in The Seven-Year Itch… “Excuse me,” Karina told as that babe pulled on this suit. “What is the seven-year itch?” Ah, to be young and Czech! The Seven-Year Itch, as we explained to Karina, was the 1955 episode in which Marilyn Monroe wore her famous white costume and stood over a subway grating in New York. When a train came by, the wind from the educate made her costume billow, resulting in one of the most-famous scenes in video history. “Who is Marilyn Monroe?” Karina asked, and at that point, we knew it was time to move on. Anyway, Karina is making history on her own here, flashing record-breaking breast valley that never would have gotten past these 1955 clip censors, then whipping out her bra buddies and widening and dildo-izing her pussy in ways that Ms. Monroe not at all could have dreamed of when this babe posed for Playboy. Looking at Karina in and with out that green costume, we’ve got a severe case of the seven-inch itch.

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Christy Marks – Aqua Girl!

February 27, 2015 – 10:33 am

Aqua Gal!

Aqua Hotty!

This is a nice-looking photo set of our honey bunny Christy. Some of the pictures would be terrific in a calendar. Christy resembles she is having a load of enjoyment with that kayak. If you guessed Eleuthera, The Bahamas as the place where this pictorial was made, you’ve got it. Christy and her SCORE cameraman headed to the beach near dusk to capture those stunning images. The sunset and the camera light enhance Christy’s already worthy curves. As always, that look of joy on Christy’s face beams without the pix. Of all the many glamour models SCORE has photographed, Christy has to be in the top 20 of models who receive the highest personal satisfaction from posing for pics and making clips. U will not identify anyone with more natural ease and a more regular-girl attitude. The editor of SCORE magazine talks about Christy with immense admiration at least one time a week since the first day this charmer met her. B.L. from Haines City, Florida writes with some trepidation, deeply concerned about Christy: “Although many alluring glamour models have appeared in SCORE, many of them seem to go also extreme over time with cosmetic surgery and tattoos for my taste. At first, I thought I saw a tattoo of 2 cherries on Christy’s neck and I bummed for a second. It turned out to be a chain. Christy, please do not do the collagen thing with your lips, or get your nose slimmed or receive some freaky tats or receive your eyeliner or lipstick tattooed on or a set of wings across your a-hole or acquire your breasts cobbled and puffed up. I like Them all, but the hottest adult models to me look adore they might work in an office, or at a doctor’s office (or be a doctor). The little piercing on your cookie is worthy though.” Don’t go changin’, Christy!

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – McKenzie Mash-up

February 26, 2015 – 6:50 am

McKenzie Mash-up

McKenzie Mash-up

In this movie mash-up, Linsey positions for numerous photo shoots and then sees how her larger than average sister Alyson McKenzie is doing on the set at SCORE in Miami. 34DD cup Alyson appeared in December 2001 SCORE and numerous Leg Sex issues. These sets can be seen on SCORELAND.

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Tawny Peaks – Robe-Off Tawny

February 25, 2015 – 2:31 am

Robe-Off Tawny

Robe-Off Tawny

With bedroom eyes, Tawny is telling u to strip, but not previous to this babe flaunts you what she has to offer. And this babe has a lot to offer. Tawny couldn’t ever hide her charms. Impossible. She finds the ottoman inviting and just right for what this babe has in mind. Some amorous spread-pussy positions make it quite clear what she’s looking for. This photo-shoot, love all the rest in, were lensed by the John Graham team of London, United Kingdom.

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Jayla Starr – Fame Slut

February 23, 2015 – 11:15 pm

Fame Floozy

Fame Slut

Talent scouts deal with a lot of hot, fame-hungry angels daily. Lots of ‘em will do anything to make it to Hollywood. And if getting their face drilled and their pussies speared is part of the process, they’ll do it, no questions asked. So how does a scout differentiate between fame strumpets and cuties with a little more shame? Let’s use Jayla as an sample. That babe has no problems putting on a skimpy outfit and shaking her wazoo. She’s a flaunt off who isn’t shy at all. Gals adore that are usually more enthusiastic and open about sex. Now it’s time to put this theory to the test. Our scout here takes a peek at her nipp by pulling her top down, and that babe doesn’t slap him. Green light. In fact, this chab doesn’t even need to do anything else. If this babe flaunts him hers, that babe desires to see his. Jayla reaches in his pants and charms his trousersnake with her soaked throat. And her snatch is even more of a enjoyment to pierce when she brings her leg back around her head. Slutty and flexible…what a combo!

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Karina Hart – Bikini car wash

February 22, 2015 – 6:29 pm

Bikini car wash

Bikini car wash

Where do we commence? With the sight of Karina in a bathing costume? With the idea of Karina as a beauty at the car wash, getting succulent and soapy as this babe cleans and shines your car? Let’s commence with the swimsuit. “I wore this bathing suit to the beach one time,” Karina told. “Men were tripping over themselves and mothers were covering their children’s eyes. I’ve no idea why. I suppose my love melons are stylish.” Majority babes brawny like Karina would wear a one-piece to the beach or not go to the beach at all, wrongly thinking that they’re over-endowed. But Karina does justice to a bathing dress like few other beauties can. Her wet curves, her enormous naturals overflowing her bathing suit top. Indeed, dish and the beach. But, lest we forget, we’re not at the beach. We’re at a car wash. And Karina is getting all soaked. Do we indeed have to say everything more? The pictures and clip tell the whole story.

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