Ines Cudna – This Little White Skirt

July 26, 2016 – 9:04 am

This Little White Skirt

This Little White Skirt

There’re a lot of things going on in these pix that should turn your shaft into iron. The 1st things u should notice are those pigtail things in Ines’ hair…very schoolgirl hot if u ask us. Then u should notice that little white skirt and how it barely covers Ines’ hawt a-hole. If u happened upon Ines dressed love this in public, would you be pro to control your erection? Probably not. Thank goodness that she’s takin’ it all off in private for you!

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Arianna Sinn – Arianna’s XXX Encore: She Does The Lawn Boy

July 25, 2016 – 1:33 am

Arianna’s XXX Encore: That babe Does The Lawn Stud

Arianna's XXX Encore: That babe Does The Lawn Boy

Here’s the secret to a long, happy and fuck-filled life: become a lawn stud (or a lawn buck, or a lawn maintenance able, or soever they’re called those days). A job as a pool ladies man would probably work just as well. Because those men acquire lots of twat, and not just in porn episodes.

So here’s Arianna Sinn, out for a stroll on her property in the Domincan Republic. She isn’t wearing much. A short petticoat. A sheer top with no brassiere. Her nipps are shoving throughout, and that babe is clearly dressed to get attention. She goes up to the boy who’s doing her lawn. Stuffs her tits in his face. He drops his electric hedger, and away they go!

Watch how Arianna sucks pecker whilst looking into the digi camera. See how her well-manicured muff acquires deep-fucked by a large pecker. Watch how she finishes the favourable lad off with a tit-fuck so this charmer can blow his cum all over her monumental naturals.

You watch? The lawn boyz might not get paid much, but they receive all the nice fur pie.

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Dahlia Sky

July 23, 2016 – 3:51 pm

Dahlia Sky Dahlia Sky
Dahlia Sky @
All Dahlia Sky actually needed was a large, dark-skinned fake penis. She’s been fantasizing a lot recently, and since she’s a Size Queen who can’t live with out bigger than typical schlongs up her gazoo, why not head to an adult bookstore and watch what they acquire to suggest? Sure enough, they have the 17" Darksome Monster Schlongs, but what that babe didn’t know is they have a bigger than run of the mill diversity of Dogfart DVD’s. The clerk even offered to knock 15% off her purchase if she’d preview a slight in number in one of their arcade booths in the back of the store. Oddly curious and somewhat turned-on, Dhalia decided, "why not?" Pretty soon, this babe was mastrubating in her private room. Dahlia was shocked at how soaked her snatch got coz of her ribald behavior! What happened next shocked her even more: the holes drilled in the wall that separated booths piqued her curiosity, but she had no idea why they were there. Perhaps to peek on your naughty neighbour? Soon this babe discovered out why, and her "giant" discovery only made her behavior even naughtier!!
Dahlia Sky Dahlia Sky

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Nicole Peters – Killer Corset

July 23, 2016 – 3:28 pm

Mind blowing Corset

Killer Corset

Yowww!!!! Just when u thought your hardon couldn’t get any harder, here comes Nicole looking killer in a white whalebone corset! Hah! The merely whalebone u know is the one in your schlongola, bro. U too love Nicole with her hair up, right? She looks creamier and more cum-friendly every time we see her. So cum jointly right now, and expose your appreciation. This is solid staff-stiffening stuff, boob brothers, and the global solidarity of the Boob Brotherhood is confident when Nicole shakes her silky sacks. Enjoy!

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – By The Pool

July 22, 2016 – 9:16 am

By The Pool

By The Pool

Linsey once said that the superlatively admirable way to “pull” (pick-up) a beauty was to NOT talk to her. This is one school of thought in the seduction playbook and Linsey appears to be to have subscribed to it early. What does this babe mean? “You receive so many people coming up to you that u acquire bored with it. If this chab just ignores you, and this dude looks precious, and he’s not paying any attention to u, it gets u wanting more, I think. You want to go up and talk to him. Sort of love ‘treat Them mean, keep ’em keen.’ If he ignores me all night, how do I know that man is indeed interested in me? Well, I don’t! I’ve to go up to him and investigate. Sometimes the pursue is the majority captivating.” Judging from those fotos, being a photographer is a charming fine way to receive angels to take off their hot clothes right away without having to pull any “techniques” on ’em. Just point that digital camera at them and they commence to slide without their bathing suits. Sweet!

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Desirae – Warehouse

July 21, 2016 – 1:37 am



Hey boy-friends, I wanna tell u about the time the guys at SCORE asked me to help out in their warehouse. They thought I was going to receive down and get dirty–but all I did was acquire sweaty, take off my hawt outfit, play with my cookie and my greater than run of the mill, hawt, soaked bra-busters and mess around with the force tools (wow! the vibration from the greater than standard drill was sooooooo gripping!). I got their shipping department boyz so lewd, they started squeezing their balls, and taking turns beating off in the men’s room! Now that’s trouble. In any case, the SCORE photographer was taking pix of me the whole time! Well, I figured for sure I was busted! But guess what? They said I can come back anytime I crave! Thank u SCORE boys! XOXO, Desirae

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Melissa Moore

July 20, 2016 – 2:22 am

Melissa Moore Melissa Moore
Melissa Moore @
Melissa Moore is a hotty on a mission, and her mission is greater than average, darksome meat-thermometer. Just look at her as this scene opens. That babe is determined. There is no wondering. There’s no trepidness. This babe charges into an adult bookstore — one with a enormous rep — walks right up to the clerk and hands over the money for her tokens. She’ll walk into the arcade and go right to her much loved booth! From there it’s just a matter of time (and not lots of it) previous to a large piece of anonymous dark-skinned meat makes its appearance. Melissa loves the fact that this is totally NSA (no strings attached), and when it’s all told and done, she’ll be satisfied and go home to her finance. Melissa Moore is one happy cheater!
Melissa Moore Melissa Moore

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Arianna Sinn – Picnic With Arianna

July 19, 2016 – 3:26 pm

Picnic With Arianna

Picnic With Arianna

We’ll go anywhere to photograph a gal like Arianna Sinn. We first discharged her in Prague, Czech Republic, then we flew her to Grand Bahama Island and now we’re in the Dominican Republic (where Arianna had the fun of meeting mega-buster Miosotis and her ultra-busty natural friends Kristina Milan and Vanessa Del, likewise).

The theme today: a picnic with Arianna. And how is Arianna clothed for this picnic? In red and white lingerie with a plunging neckline. Who wears underware to a picnic? Arianna does! Which makes us wonder: What exactly are we gonna be feasting on?

Bra-busters. Muff. More specifically, Arianna’s hooters and cunt. Have enjoyment your picnic.

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Succulent

July 18, 2016 – 8:29 am



Letters To Linsey: “Dear Linsey, I have been a fan of your work since u came out in the U.S. Now I’m in the Service and getting a chance to view your layouts and pix during the time that on duty is a great pleasure to have. So on behalf of all of the big busted lovers of the U.S. Army, I would love to say thank’s for doing what you do and giving all of us smth wonderful to observe other than cement or sand.-S.B.”

“Dear Linsey, The site keeps getting better and better – every Thursday I am on the edge of my seat wondering if there’ll be recent clip movies – even if there aren’t, there are always excellent fresh fotos. The 9th discharged in Daybed Spreader is I suppose the foremost thing a boy walking into a bedroom could ever watch! I assent with member JonBah about the blowjob/squirting sextoy idea. Using a sex-toy is even more worthwhile than a real weenie – it can be as filthy as you adore! Thank’s for the great website and sharing your outstanding bod with us! Fondest urges, Dave.”

“Not a complaint – just a comment. I know I am likely to be in the minority here, but the fact is that one time you have seen Linsey D. McK naked in each possible position, there’s not much else to look forward to but the different opening shots (breathtaking as this babe is in nature’s garb!). But you know what I mean – the hawt clothing that babe wears at the begin of the archive define each different session. I’m not suggesting that all we receive is clothed Linsey, but I latterly looked throughout all the archives and identified that for me, the sexiest pics were these with short skirts, low cut tops, etc. An archive starting with Linsey in a classic, elegant (low front/low back/above the knee hem) cocktail dress would do it for me! Just a suggestion.-S.E.”

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Kerry Marie – Pretty In Pink

July 17, 2016 – 1:42 am

Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink

Kerry, which have been some of your favourite pictorials and movies?
Kerry: In pictorials, I love the on-location sets.
What brassiere size do u wear right now?
Kerry: I’m wearing an English 34G-cupper right now.
What colors do you think u look best in?
Kerry: Pink and dark.
Then you’ll relish your latest photo discharge.

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Riley Ann Winter – Skipping Slut

July 15, 2016 – 3:51 pm

Skipping Floozy

Skipping Slut

To say that Riley is a bad goddess is an understatement. The beauty is no thing but bother. She skips school and doesn’t care about everything except fucking. A truancy officer catches her playing hooky and instead of going back to school adore this babe should, she brings him back to her place to seduce him. And of all places, where does she screw him? In her parents bedroom while they are minutes away from getting home. We do not know what’s hotter, Riley getting rogered or her nasty beauty antics. But it doesn’t avoid there. Not only is Riley trying to fuck her way out of trouble, this babe lets the officer bonk her in the arse. Just coz she’s a lustful floozy doesn’t mean that babe is inexperienced. Although Riley may just be a college senior, that babe is already learned a very important life lesson: anal is always your get-out-of-jail-free card.

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