Linsey Dawn McKenzie – All Maid Up

September 4, 2015 – 11:23 am

All Maid Up

All Maid Up

The mystery of who left the ass prints on the 19th century Schlongmacher antique table is solved. It was Linsey! Caught in the act! Now, housework is supposed to be everything but sexy. Who wanks off to Martha Stewart? Maybe some. But have Linsey slip into a hawt maid’s ensemble and we could observe her bending over to dust a coffee table for hours. And beyond that, beyond any Recent Year’s resolution to keep her flat tidy, we know you truly wanna watch the particular flaunt of Linsey polishing a table to a brilliant sheen with her pantoons. As LDM demonstrates that running a maid’s service is hard labor, this babe can make you the solemn promise that there will be more wood polishing ahead. Some maids are just more amazing than others.

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Desirae – Hula Hooter Honey

September 3, 2015 – 7:56 am

Hula Hooter Playgirl

Hula Hooter Honey

We’d like to receive leid by Desirae! In this photoset, this babe is showing off her large coconuts during the time that wearing a grass skirt and flower lei. Although she is a freckled, all-American sweetheart, Desirae still looks natural as ever in this tropical setting. Enjoy the pics of her larger than run of the mill wobblers, spread pussy and constricted chocolate hole. “Tell my fans they more breathtaking cum greater than standard loads for me,” Desirae has said. Do not let her down!

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Arianna Sinn – Morning Cums With Arianna

September 2, 2015 – 3:52 am

Morning Cums With Arianna

Morning Cums With Arianna

This day, we venture where most males at not time have to go. Arianna invites you into her inward sanctum: her baths, where we’ve to check out her morning routine. Of course, Arianna’s morning routine involves her playing with her mounds and making sure her bawdy cleft is squeaky clean.

“Even if I had a Lothario the night before, I adore to begin the day by cumming,” Arianna said us. “It releases all my tension and receives me willing for my day.”

So it’s not all about cleanliness, boyz.

Obviously, Arianna cares about having squeaky-clean areolas, likewise, ‘cuz she likes to suck on ’em.

“That is one of the superlatively worthwhile things about having big love bubbles,” that babe told us. “At the times when I don’t have a buck to suck on ’em, I can do it myself.”

Of course, that babe is at no time begging for volunteers!

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Angelique – Tropical Angelique

August 31, 2015 – 11:56 pm

Tropical Angelique

Tropical Angelique

Gazing at Angelique in her colorful outfit, shark-tooth necklace and flora headdress, we imagine that if the workers of The Bounty had seen her the mutiny would’ve taken place sooner. Elvis sang that his rock-a-hula baby could indeed move her grass around. Well, it ain’t grass you’ll be thinking about when u see these photos. Not with all the bounty displayed here! Angelique comes on adore a storm, in a whirlwind of activity in this Caribbean pictorial from 1995.

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Merilyn Sakova – The Swiss Jersey

August 30, 2015 – 8:01 pm

The Swiss Jersey

The Swiss Jersey

Camel-toe ass shorts and a titty-top. That kind of wardrobe doesn’t get any better for a collector of big breasted body videos and photos. Even the normally neutral Swiss can hardly remain indifferent about Merilyn’s killer anatomy. It seems love Merilyn has hit the fascinating spot of her clitty with her B.O.B. at the end of this movie scene, judging by the look of sheer ecstasy on her face. That babe makes a good kitchen helper. Even Gordon Ramsay could not yell at Merilyn for this. Yes, that’s her moaning.

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Atlantis – Her Secret Talent

August 29, 2015 – 4:22 pm

Her Secret Talent

Her Secret Talent

“I do not know how I had the nerve to walk up into that try-out and pretend I could sing like Whitney Houston. I know I cant sing, but I thought maybe I could fool those boyz. But I was just fooling myself. But luckily I had a plan B. And that was to use my secret talent-seducing. I was born with a greater than typical mouth, and it ain’t for singing but sure is for engulfing. And I know I’ve a precious body, likewise. I wanted that $1,000 and I was going to do whatever I could to acquire it. So I banged this boy just right. First I gave him some lovely head, bobbing and weaving all over his rod. Then I let him pound my twat untill my juice got all over his testicles. By the time I was done with him I knew I had earned that specie.”

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Lou Cipher

August 29, 2015 – 8:00 am

Elizabeth Bentley is a fun-loving young golden-haired with a thin body, but a round wet booty and a tight little pussy! She’s lustful to show u anything she is got hidden beneath her pink onesie, and once she in the muscled on the daybed that babe can not keep her hands off her charming pink beaver! Neither can the digital camera smooth operator, and a little rubbing receives her to flip over so this guy can finger her ass. Fair is fair, so this babe grabs his firm shlong and gives it a little stroke, then a little jerk and tug in advance of taking it all in her face hole!

Venera – The Impossible Dream Girl Part 2

August 28, 2015 – 12:23 pm

The Impossible Fantasy Cutie Part TWO

The Impossible Fantasy Hotty Part 2

SCORE covergirl Venera has a fresh swimsuit and she is potty to receive without it…after u get an eyeful. Venera knows she’s peculiar, a natural marvel. Bucks check out her. Hotties check out her. “Girls stare at me all the time, and sometimes they make comments that aren’t very worthy,” Venera says. Yeah, that same mature thing. Jealousy. Envy. The usual emotions big-boobed cuties face. But we hope the wonderful things outweigh the pettiness of some people. “They say, ‘Look at that goddess! Observe what that babe is wearing. Observe her fake bra-busters!’ They do not understand. They cant make no doubt of that my scones can be so big and natural. I think if they had mangos adore mine, they would be wearing the same type of clothing.” Venera speaks the truth. “Right now I am single. It is beautiful stiff to have a partner who will understand what I do. Not each petticoat chaser will accept his girlfriend shooting exposed fotos and traveling around the world and rencounter people and so many men looking at me. Maybe one day I will prevent undressed modeling and settle down, but not yet. I am having likewise much joy!”

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Desirae – Desirae’s Largo Heat

August 27, 2015 – 7:38 am

Desirae’s Largo Heat

Desirae's Largo Heat

This photo series was produced during the On Location Key Largo project that starred Chloe Vevrier, Lorna Morgan, Chaz and Kerry Marie. Desirae was a specific guest that week and arrived mid-week from Tampa after a stop-over at SCORELAND HQ in Miami. She looks, as always, erotically sexy in the hazy sunlight of Largo, teasing us in her tantalizing style. The chick instinctively knows how to milk us dry with her admirable bazoombas and charming face. Now, Desirae has the type of skin that would roast in the fierce South Florida sun. So mucho amount of sun block was needed to keep that creamy, peachy flesh from frying. “I stopped staying out in the sun unless we were taking pictures. I didn’t want to acquire burned, and I burn real elementary. That would have ruined my stay, for sure,” Desirae told about her voyage to the Keys.

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Nicky White – Nicky White, At Your Service

August 26, 2015 – 3:52 am

Nicky White, At Your Service

Nicky White, At Your Service

The episode version of this tug ‘n’ engulf begins with Nicky White saying the magic words, the words all men wanna hear.

“Oh, baby, sit back and relax and let me play with your wang.”

And then she says, “I can’t await to receive that knob out and play with it.”

And, indeed, what more do u have to know? That babe jacks the dick and sucks it, and after it cums, she sucks it clean.

Okay, so maybe u would love to know a little more.

Maybe you’d adore to know that Nicky is a 51-year-old first-timer from Seattle, Washington. Maybe you’d adore to know that she’s divorced (which means she’s accessible if you happen to run into her). This babe is a graphic designer. This babe is 5’6″ tall and weighs approximately 128 lbs. She’s a Mom of two and a grandmother of one.

“This is not the kind of thing I usually do, but I am always open to fresh things,” that babe told.

This babe was sent our way by her ex-partner. Yep, u read that right. Ex-boyfriend.

“This is truly plan to acquire him amorous,” Nicky said.

Not that we care about him (although we’re grateful for the referral). This ladies man had his chance with Nicky. Now, it is the rest of the world’s turn, one dick at a time.

Oh, by the way: Who do you think Nicky bears a resemblance to?

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Zipper Ripper

August 24, 2015 – 11:30 pm

Zipper Ripper

Zipper Ripper

P.W. emails “I think almost all of Linsey’s greatest sets were taken when she had indeed become a woman–i.e., early 20s and no longer a teenager–I think she was at her most impressive and her pantoons looked their very topmost as well plus there is more open cum-hole shots…and it was likewise bald.” Linsey’s love tunnel is nicely trimmed here in this pictorial from spring 2003 but we think this satisfies almost any of P.W.’s list.

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