Naked Yoga, Big Tits & Bush

February 19, 2018 – 6:57 am

Exposed Yoga, Bigger in size than standard Funbags & Bush

Naked Yoga, Large Knockers & Bush

Dulcinea has a in nature’s garb yoga session lined up. It’s highly educational. Her practice of this ancient discipline includes yoga bouncy bosoms, the ancient practice of swinging and bouncing bosoms. As Dulcinea said, “I love to do yoga a little bit differently. I do not love all this restrictive garments.” Dulcinea has a full bush here.

“I adore knowing that anybody is turned on by me,” Dulcinea said us. “I’m indeed into exhibitionism and voyeurism, so being watched or stared at, not ever bothers me. I realize I have a actually shapely body and that people are going to notice. But instead of annoying me, it gives me confidence and determination, especially when I wish to stay home and binge-eat brownies but choose to go to the Health Lap dancing club instead.”

Dulcinea is into wearing titty-tops.

“It’s stiff to find pretty clothes coz my body is very curvaceous. But If I know my love melons and hips are accentuated, I feel invincible. Low-cut shirts and short skirts are a need to, but body-hugging dresses are my favorite. I like, adore, love showing off my cleavage, also! And I quit wearing bras so I imagine I’m a sight to watch with my mangos just swinging around.”

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Busty Colombian mom’s first time

February 18, 2018 – 12:20 am

Big-Boob Colombian mom’s first time

Busty Colombian mom's 1st time

Over at SCORELAND, our Big-Boob web site, we’ve been having a great run of Colombian hotties: Katy Shavon, Shanie Gaviria and Shara Lopez. And now here at, we’re getting favourable with Colombian honeys. Meet Grisha Petrov, a 46-year-old wife and Mamma from Colombia.

Grisha speaks very little English, so little that in her upcoming first screw episode, we had to use sub-titles. But she has a impressive face, large milk sacks and a smokin’ body, and that translates to hard-ons in any language.

Grisha said us that in her spare time, that babe “reads self-help books, studies English, does meditation and watches porn with her hubby.” What she truly said in Spanish was, “Leer libros de crecimiento personal, estudio Ingles, ver movies porno con mi esposo.”

Lucky fellow.

“I always wear sexy knickers but I never wear a brassiere,” this babe said.

“I wanna be a noted pornstar.”

That can be arranged.

“I am a Mamma I’D LIKE TO FUCK.”

If she has kids, which that babe does, she’s definitely a MILF.

Would the people she knows be surprised to watch her here?

“My friends know I like sex and that I am very open-minded, so they would not be surprised.”

This babe is a swinger. She has sex daily. That babe said, “I’d love to be in a team fuck afresh and have my husband view, and then when we receive home, he can screw me.”

Did this babe say “again”?

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Big-titted MILF takes a BBC pounding

February 16, 2018 – 2:05 pm

Gigantic titted MILF takes a BBC pounding

Big-titted MILF takes a BBC pounding

52-year-old divorcee and Mamma Andi James is barmy for bigger in size than typical, dark shlong when this scenes open. Jax tries to interview her a little, but her hands keep wandering down to his crotch. Lastly, his hands wander up to her DD-cup bra-busters, and the pleasure begins. Andi’s love bubbles quickly come out of her pink, cleavage-revealing bra. That babe sucks his ramrod and balls. That buck fucks her hirsute but nicely trimmed cunt in a complete bunch of poses, including doggystyle. She tit-fucks his weenie, which is coated with her cookie juices, then copulates him some more and spreads her mouth for his load. Lots of it receives on her meatballs, which is where we think it belongs, then this babe sucks the remaining cum off his cock-head. Did Andi enjoy her first on-camera BBC? We think so. Look at the episode and tell us what you think.

By the way, Jax is only Twenty eight years mature, so the studs keep getting younger for Andi (this babe drilled JMac in her first scene).

Andi says she’s surprised when young lads hit on her.

“I don’t understand it, but I think some boys adore maturer babes who know themselves more awesome and what they like. I know my body. I know what pleases me.”

This babe knows what pleases us, also.

Before she came to, Andi’s youngest boy had been in his Thirty’s. As we told, Jax is Twenty eight. We’d like to couple her up with an 18-year-old.

Andi has been divorced for over 13 years, and she’s made the almost all of her time. She illustrious her 52nd birthday the day before her 1st scene with us was discharged.

Andi was born in Boston, moved to the Midwest and now lives in Central Florida. This babe has worked in marketing, public relations and communications.

We’re hearing her message loud and clear.

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The busty boss gets DP’d

February 15, 2018 – 6:43 am

The Big-Boob boss gets DP’d

The breasty boss gets DP'd

Dee Williams, a biggest boobed, 40-year-old wife, is having problems with her recent employee. He’s not following the costume code, so she calls him and Ryan, who is a adult model employee, into her office so that babe can expose Bambino what a worthy worker has the appearance of. But Bambino just doesn’t get it, and it resembles all the reprimands in the world aren’t gonna straighten him out.

Fortunately, Dee is a excited boss. A very concupiscent boss. And before lengthy, she is engulfing their rods, and they’re screwing her bald love tunnel. Dee cums stiff and loud, and when they take turns on her booty, her orgasms really go over the top. Dee is the floozy boss of your dreams, and the fact is, this babe cant tell which boy is which–which is the glamour model employee and which isn’t–when they’re DPing her and cumming all over her wide-spread asshole.

The studs, by the way, are in their 20s. Dee doesn’t care as long as their dicks are unbending, which they are.

“I live in Las Vegas,” Dee told us. “I grew up in Dallas, Texas. I did a bunch of thraldom porn in my 20’s and Thirtys, which was super joy. I do jiu-jitsu. I do ground wrestling. Tackling people and arm-barring ’em and choking them out.”

This babe likewise said, “One of my greatest dreams is being watched, so my hubby often indulges me and takes me to the sex club and ties me up right there on stage so everybody can check out what happens to me.”

What happens to her here is a DP. And we’re all watching.

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XL Girl Worships Black Cock

February 13, 2018 – 11:36 pm

XL Hotty Worships Black Knob

XL Beauty Worships Dark Cock

Holly Jayde from California acquires a healthy serving of interracial cream-pie courtesy of Mr. Asante Stone who appears to have doubled up on the Muscle Milk in advance of making his way to XL Girls’ headquarters, judging by the bigger in size than standard volume of jizz that charmer ends up injecting into Holly’s vagina.

Holly and Stone are stuck together so tightly from the very beginning of this scene that u could not pass a playing card betwixt them. They seem glued to every other. Maybe XL Gals should come into the matchmaking business on the side.

For a girl who loves fucking, this merger must have hit all the right G-Spots for Holly. “I would have sex three times a day if I could,” Holly had written on her model’s bio sheet.

Although that babe says she’s the sexually passive sort that turns control over to the lady-killer, Holly plays Stone’s skinflute like a member of a symphonic orchestra, pumping it to rock-hardness. That babe then mounts it in cowgirl for her first ride previous to that babe is polished in side-saddle, doggie and missionary and then shellacked inside her pink pussy-hole.

When Stone has finished his spasms inside Holly, he steps with out the picture so the livecam can capture an unblocked look at of Holly squeezing the nut-cream out of her ravished pie.

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Lauren Phillips

February 13, 2018 – 11:30 pm

Lauren Phillips Lauren Phillips
Lauren Phillips @
Lauren Phillips is a pervert. A total "perv"! Just look. This babe is in an adult bookstore smashing her clitoris to a DVD and hoping not to get caught! (Well…maybe this babe secretly wishes to get caught?) Either way, the clerk does catch her…just like that gent catches all the perverts beating off in the store. (It is a every single day thing for him.) This smooth operator demands Lauren leave the store, but she’s not having any of that! Not only is this babe gonna stay, Lauren is plan to the clip arcade in the back of the store. "I wouldn’t do that if I were u," the clerk warns. "There’s serious creepy males back there!" Creepy pervs is just what Lauren Phillips is exactly what this red-headed M.I.L.F. craves, and it doesn’t take long in advance of one grabs her through the "arm hole". The stranger fingers bangs Lauren previous to poking his gigantic, subrigid rod throughout the hole. She is mouthing at once previous to asking for the stranger to copulate her little anus. After a round of butt fucking, the Stranger says, "I’m intend to fill your ass with my jizz!" But Lauren isn’t having any of that! "Save that load for my vagina!" With that, Lauren uses her mouth to clean the Stranger’s BBC before this chab dumps a humongous load deep inside Lauren. With a stranger’s cum running down her thigh, Lauren walks without the store a contented domina.

Lauren Phillips Lauren Phillips

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Valentine’s Day Doll

February 12, 2018 – 1:51 pm

Valentine’s Day Doll

Valentine's Day Doll

Wakey-wakey, sleepy-head Milly Marks. Milly is feeling herself this morning. This babe has a busy Valentine’s Day ahead of her and a stimulating shower will excite her for what that babe has planned.

The water cascades down Milly’s award-winning Voluptuous body and super-natural milk shakes whilst she thinks about the day ahead and what will come her way.

“I have 2 greater than standard fantasies. One would be a gent and I dominating a goddess jointly. I like to eat pussy. The other would be me masterful a man with a strap-on. I’m one as well as the other confident and passive. That is what makes me the switch I’m.”

There are few beauties that have explored and lived out lots of their fantasies on-camera the way Milly has. We can list a not many but no one who’s explored them so quickly.

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BB Nina Returns!

February 11, 2018 – 6:45 am

BB Nina Returns!

BB Nina Returns!

Day 2 of Bush Baby (BB) weekend is a doozy! Today we have the return of Nina, a BB with thick, dark-skinned fur. We even got a movie of her!

Nina is a college scholar with bills to pay and a furry twat to show off! She’s not very talkative in the movie scene, but u do not must hear her voice to see that she is savouring herself.

Stay tuned the next day for another Bush Baby!

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Diamond is 64. The dude she’s fucking is 24.

February 10, 2018 – 12:19 am

Diamond is 64. The guy she is banging is 24.

Diamond is 64. The guy she's banging is 24.

Diamond Red, a 64-year-old divorcee, Mother and grandmother from Scottsdale, Arizona, is also a swinger. That babe told us the story of how that babe got into swinging.

“Well, this was almost Thirty years ago,” she said. “One day, a boyfriend told to me, ‘What would u think if we brought more people into our erotic lives?’ I wasn’t sure if I liked that idea. Was this lady-killer not proud with me? Then we were in Miami on vacation, and that guy said, ‘There’s a great strip club here. U do not must do anything you do not want to do. You can wear your sexy little attractive raiment. It’s a great place to dance. Wonderful buffet dinner.’

“So we went, and it was so much joy. So then we went back many more times, and even though we’re not jointly anymore, over the years, I’ve introduced other dudes to the lifestyle, and they all appeared to be to adore it. At first I was bashful and did not think I would be comfortable having sex with somebody who was not my partner, but I got over that real fast!”

This sexy, charming redhead has been having sex with tons of juvenile boys since she came to, and here, she’s sucking and fucking her youngest yet: He is Twenty four years old, easily young enough to be her grandson. He’s not her grandson, certainly, but…well, u know.

Previous to that babe came here and got a taste of very young penis, Diamond told, “I’ve been with a fellow as juvenile as Thirty three. I’m seeing a fellow who’s Thirty nine, and that gent likes aged honey bunnys. But bucks are studs and hotties are hotties. There’s no good age or bad age.”

Well, there indeed is a valuable age. For Diamond, it’s 64.

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Hubby’s away, Alby fucks young BBC

February 8, 2018 – 2:06 pm

Hubby’s away, Alby bonks young BBC

Hubby's away, Alby shags young BBC

What do wives do while their husbands are at work all day?

Well, if they’re everything love Alby, they walk around in tight little skirts and pearl G-strings and copulate 21-year-old chaps with big, black weenies.

Certainly, not every housewife is adore Alby. But we urge they were. This babe is a Mom, also, which makes her so much more particular.

Alby is a stunner. She’s very hot. She lovingly sucks ramrod and balls. She lovingly rides the schlong. She acquires drilled from behind. There’s a very intimate feeling to this episode. Alby is kind of calling the shots, and she’s having sex the way a horny domina would have sex. Of course, John receives to have his way with her, likewise, and when Alby opens her mouth for his cum, we know who’s actually in charge.

This is Alby’s third scene at Will we watch her some other time? Who knows? We certainly hope to see her another time when this babe turns Fifty, and we have no doubt that she’ll look as great as this babe does now.

Alby’s fantasies: “a a gang bang, licking my husband’s cum without one more woman’s snatch and having a female-dom.”

We cant think of a single reason she can not have everything she wishes.

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He’s young enough to be her grandson!

February 7, 2018 – 6:33 am

He is young enough to be her grandson!

He's juvenile sufficient to be her grandson!

Diamond Red, a 64-year-old divorcee, Mommy and grandmother, is getting ready for her date when the delivery lad displays up. This babe is wanton, so why expect? And what does that babe care that the Lothario is Twenty four years old and juvenile enough to be her grandson? She’s willing and randy now, and who knows how the date is going to turn out?

So this babe seduces him, meaning that babe sucks his pecker, then that babe copulates him, then this babe lets him cum in her face hole and all over her gorgeous face. Diamond is a red-hot redhead, and we’re thrilled to have her all to ourselves.

“At 1st, I was bashful and did not think I would be comfortable having sex with somebody who wasn’t my husband,” Diamond said, “but I got over that real fast!”

Diamond is divorced. She has been a burlesque dancer and a travel agent. She’s a swinger, but u wouldn’t call her a hardcore swinger ‘coz this babe swings only with a diminutive group of people (and we wager majority of these people haven’t had sex on-camera).

“I’ve watched tons of males jack off in my lifetime,” that babe told. “I hope a lot more are jacking off now.”

Diamond is slim and has beautifully shaped funbags and an ultra-pink love tunnel that truly gapes. The charmer who’s rogering her in this scene was thrilled when he saw her. And, obviously, that man not at any time stopped being thrilled.

Diamond has that effect on males.

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