The XL Girls Office Pervert

April 22, 2017 – 3:51 pm

The XL Girls Office Pervert

The XL Cuties Office Pervert

Amiee Roberts is the recent gal at XL Girls’ office. Furthermore her obvious talents at adult modeling and sex with porn meat-thermometer, Amiee is a admirable hire ‘coz she’s great at office administration and other job duties.

Jimmy is a manager at XL Girls and is likewise known as the office pervert. He’ll walk around the building looking at beauties and squeezing his hot nuts. This chab knows no shame. Spotting huge-boobed Amiee at various times, he checks out her enormous fun bags and large booty in her miniskirt and goes into his routine.

One day, Amiee walks into his office and introduces herself. As a manager, he wastes no time in introducing Amiee to his style of deep throating and sloppy blow jobs. Amiee picks it up fast and previous to long, they’re doing a daybed coupling copulation. As a show of managerial approval, this chab treats Amiee to a liquid lunch. It’s important to reveal workers how much they’re appreciated!

XL Girls: So you were pointed in our direction by an ex-partner?

Amiee: Yeah. This chab told there are tons of greater chicks who are doing porn and studs are just loving it, and I said, “Oh, that is not for me. I couldn’t do that,” and this chab showed me the website, and I was adore, “Well, maybe. These girls have my sort of figure, and if lads are looking at that, why wouldn’t they check out me?” So that stud said, “Give it a try,” and the next thing I knew, I was here. I sent you my photos and u called me back.

XL Girls: So you accepted and we set up your tour here. What too appealed to u?

Amiee: That I’m doing smth different, smth that is outdoors of my comfort zone. I am trying to do more things that are outdoors of my comfort zone. And it is smth I urge to do.

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Tits Always The Season For Sex

April 18, 2017 – 4:11 pm

Mambos Always The Season For Sex

Tits Always The Season For Sex

One of the all-time hottest honeys at SCORELAND, Kelly Christiansen, wife of one extremely favourable member, is one of these angels who u wouldn’t think you’d see naked, let alone engulfing and screwing a porn charmer. Kelly was not interested in doing porn for a career. She only wanted to adult model at SCORE where she detected her comfort zone. This babe had her husband’s approval.

“My husband and I were watching one of my DVDs and got all sexy and heavy and into it, and he was like, ‘Wait, let me replay that!’ We laid there and had sex during the time that I was having sex. It was surreal. Completely different. That ladies man is into watching me whilst watching me. We are not swinger married couples. He loves watching me with other lads and this chab likes the idea that his wife is a star. It’s hilarious. Well, hot. In my mind, I thought it was hilarious. I do love to observe myself have sex, and each time I see myself, I can not believe it’s truly me.”

It is still a rare, unequalled event when this happens. Almost all males, whether husband or spouse, wouldn’t want their girl taking her love muffins out or screwing some other Lothario on-camera. Would u? We hit the boob lotto with Kelly. Mr. Christiansen wins it every evening.

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The Breast-man’s Super-Natural Choice

April 17, 2017 – 8:57 am

The Breast-man’s Super-Natural Prepossession

The Breast-man's Super-Natural Choice

Roxi Red widens up in more ways than one.

“When I detect the right woman chaser, I am his best beauty. “I’ll cook for him. Clean. Rubdown him. Take showers with him. Give him the foremost sex that charmer is ever had. He can do anything that ladies man urges to do to my mounds. Screw them and cum on them.”

Roxi says this babe loves to dress to show off her curves and remarkable bosoms. Previous to that babe goes out, she’ll try on different hawt dresses, observe herself in her full-length mirror and dance. When this babe finds the right costume to blow the public away, she’s willing for enjoyment.

SCORELAND has some bra-breaking news about Roxi. It’s a biggie, all right. The next time you watch Roxi, it will be in her first anal invasion scene with an X-Man. This babe thought about doing it for a ages and finally decided to go for it. During the time that Roxi’s endevoured it at home, she is a little nervous, but lascivious, about doing it on-camera.

You rule, Roxi.

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Bad Girls & Ball Gags

April 16, 2017 – 2:19 am

Bad Beauties & Ball Gags

Bad Cuties & Ball Gags

Here comes bad goddess Codi Vore in her femme fatale underware. Her accessories include a ball gag. What does Codi have in mind this time? Codi is so bad, she’s good. That proves that priceless gals cant assist being bad some of the time, but even so, Codi is likewise good to be bad all of the time. She’s worthwhile enough to eat.

Codi: I’ve smaller nipples but they’re truly round, and they are large sufficient so I can engulf my own teats, which I always have joy doing.

SCORELAND: Can you suck ’em hands-free?

Codi: I cant. I am gonna have to step up my game.

SCORELAND: U told u like boys to pay attention to your areolas.

Codi: Yes. I do not adore actually hard play, but no thing turns me on love when somebody lightly plays with them. It drives me nuts. I cant tell u why. It just does.

SCORELAND: What are your top three raunchy experiences?

Codi: I don’t think I’ve an answer for this one. I think the superlatively priceless kind of sex is when it is fresh and thrilling or when it is spontaneous.

SCORELAND: What should a skirt chaser do if this chab urges to meet u?

Codi: I don’t meet fans or regulars in person. I most like to meet people organically.

SCORELAND: That doesn’t mean u eat them, does it?

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Oil Spill

April 14, 2017 – 4:05 pm

Oil Spill

Oil Spill

Ann Calis spends the day at a spa. But not any standard spa. At this spa, they let our girls acquire undressed, acquire oily, play with their large knockers and toy their luscious love tunnels. It is the high reaching spa ever pumped up. Ann acquires liberal with her bottle of oil and douses her pretty body. Seek some wild boob swinging at the 8:45 mark.

“I have fun my body and how I look now,” said Ann who’s gone from V-Girl to XL Gal in the time that babe is been away from the nude modeling scene. Now she is got the look. “I adore my admirable, bigger melons and my haunches. Anything to me that means ‘Woman.'”

Ann has to go to brassiere specialty stores to identify what this babe needs to support her enormous mams. “All brassiere companies are different so what is foremost for me is that I pick out what I like and what I guess looks worthwhile on me and I have the ladies measure me for a fitting. I cant wear any kind of bras with out alterations because the straps will hurt my shoulders, the underwire can irritate me and the cups will not give me the support I need.”

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Nina, meet Tony. Tony, meet Nina’s ass

April 13, 2017 – 9:12 am

Nina, meet Tony. Tony, meet Nina’s wazoo

Nina, meet Tony. Tony, meet Nina's ass

The interview that opens this scene concludes with the videographer saying to 44-year-old Nina Dee, “Everyone knows Tony.”

“Except for me,” Nina says.

The videographer was referring to Tony Rubino, one of our chaps, and even though Nina didn’t know him, that babe was about to give him a great oral and take his jock in her wet crack and a-hole. And then this babe was intend to open her throat for his cum.

Does Nina know Tony any more precious by the end of the scene? Probably not, but that babe does know his cock a lot more worthy.

To recap: 44-year-old divorced Mother from Ocala, Florida, “horse capital of the world,” as that babe said, does anal in her 1st porn scene. Very excellent.

Not quite as breathtaking as Nina, who’s handsome, skinny and has a spectacular 36C-24-34 body. Yep. Flawless. No surprise. When that babe was younger, that babe modeled for Playboy lingerie and Venus Swimwear, and if everything, this babe looks better now.

“I am a nurse,” Nina said. “A burnt-out nurse willing for a new voyage. You get burnt out, and you have taken care of everybody else for so long that it’s time to take care of yourself.”

And Tony, of course.

We asked Nina why this babe decided to try adult modeling, and that babe said, “I’m getting to an age where I wanna start to do things for me.”

Nina enjoys working out. She usually doesn’t wear knickers, but that babe does here for our viewing enjoyment. See the discharged of her shapely a-hole when that babe crawls across the sofa to greet Tony. We asked her what that babe wants to do that she’s at no time done, and she told, “I by no means wait to do everything. I make it happen.”

This babe definitely makes it happen…whatever your “it” happens to be.

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A Bundle Of Fleshy Delights

April 12, 2017 – 1:38 am

A Bundle Of Fleshy Delights

A Bundle Of Fleshy Delights

It’s a miracle that this flimsy underware can hold the big, fleshy bazookas of Anna Carlene. It could have been ripped apart adore a pup-tent in a hurricane.

When our photographer asked Anna what size her bouncy bosoms are, that babe answered that this babe doesn’t know. Her reply was not surprising. More busty gals than you’d guess do not know their measurements or cup size and do not seem curious to investigate the numbers.

Anna’s sexy Italian accent and her personality fits her overall look. Anna was a undressed dancer back home and that babe is happy to stand up and shake it. If you go to titty bars, u already know that angels athletic like Anna are nearly impossible to discover, at least in the States.

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Boobs Without Borders

April 10, 2017 – 3:56 pm

Mangos Without Borders

Boobs Without Borders

SCORELAND believes in hooters without borders. We’ll go where the mammaries are. Gals like Stefania Kinskih.

“I will play with him with my eyes and kick off teasing him and observe his reaction,” told Stefania about how this babe works it when that babe sees a lad she finds interesting. If you have noticed Stefania’s piercing brown eyes, one time you’ve stopped staring at her piercing brown teats, you’ll watch she is got a talent for eye-banging.

“If this charmer holds my gaze and smiles, then maybe I suppose we have the kick off of a connection. This gent should walk over to me and introduce himself. If he looks away and does not react to me, then I don’t bother. I adore a ladies man to be polite and valuable. Ukrainian beauties urge a skirt chaser to court ’em. They don’t care to chase boyz.”

Stefania hasn’t said that that babe is recognized because of SCORELAND or her pictorial in May 2017 Voluptuous. That babe gets tons of attention, based on what she says, and is gratified of her natural twin assets. “When I watch a gent looking at me with pleasure, that is the unsurpassable kind of compliment for me. They don’t receive to say everything to me. Certainly, many forward boys ask me out. I’m pleased to think about it if they have priceless manners.”

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Juicy Georgia Peach

April 9, 2017 – 9:05 am

Luscious Georgia Peach

Juicy Georgia Peach

Occupation: Scholar; Age: Twenty one; Born: February TWO; Ht: 5’6″; Wt: 115 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: I’ve got a fetish; Anal: Not all the way; BJs: I spit and gulp; Diddle: Of course!

“I’m just a Georgia hotty who is looking for a wonderful time,” Giaoni (pronounced Johnny) said us. “That’s why I gave u boys a call. I am nice-looking insert my ways and I detected myself in the same routine. Now do not get me not right. I like intend to the river and having bonfires with my friends every weekend, but I wanted a little bit of adventure. And in my opinion nothing says adventure love taking a large strapon on-camera! I could not expect to see how nice a skilled lady-killer and his equipment could make my wet crack feel.”

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For starters, Nina takes it up the ass!

April 8, 2017 – 2:21 am

For starters, Nina takes it up the ass!

For starters, Nina takes it up the a-hole!

Talk about a great introduction! In her first-ever porn scene, attractive 44-year-old dark-skinned brown Nina Dee acquires her tight gazoo rogered by a larger than standard porn weenie then opens her throat for cum. Yeah, it is anal for Nina in her 1st scene. And we barely had the chance to say applaud!

“I decided to do what I have always wanted to do and quit worrying about what others might think,” told Nina, who was born in Fresh Jersey and now lives in Florida. “So I posted an ad on, and that is how u identified me.”

Nina, who’s divorced and has kids, says the people who know her would be “very surprised” to watch her here.

“I am a free-spirit, but my lifestyle does not go with this trip,” this babe said.

Journey? Did she say travel? Does that mean she’s plan to stay with us for a while? Well, yeah, it does.

Nina describes herself as “a registered nurse who’s burnt out. I urge to have fun life.” So that babe came here.

And, one time more, what is it with all the nurses we get?

As if u could not tell by just looking at her, Nina loves to workout. She masturbates while watching porn. Maybe she’ll see this scene and get herself off. That babe is certainly doing a precious job getting off Tony and us. She’s 5’2″, weighs approximately 114 pounds and measures a spectacular 36-24-34.

Nina has sex “five times a week. Ten times in a fine week.”

This was a very nice week.

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Jazmin gets revenge and gets dominated

April 6, 2017 – 4:09 pm

Jazmin receives revenge and receives dominated

Jazmin gets revenge and acquires dominated

“This is for my ex-husband, who cheated on me,” 42-year-old divorcee and Mama Jazmin Cox says at the kick off of this scene. “I have a real man here who’s plan to dominate me, something that u not at any time did, you coward!”

Wow, that is coarse. In any case, the real ladies man is JMac, and this lady-killer takes total control of this long-haired redhead, spanking her arse, screwing her in the lockdown position, making her engulf her twat juices off his shlong, drubbing her booty inflexible during the time that she is engulfing his wang. Then that buck cums on her pretty face because that is what u do when you are masterful a female-dom.

It should come as no surprise that Jazmin’s much loved TV brandish is The Bigger in size than run of the mill Group-sex Theory, although here, it is not a theory. It happens.

Jazmin can’t live with out a boy who can hold down a conversation. There is no conversation in this scene, and the solely holding down JMac does is when this chab holds down Jazmin on his schlong whilst she’s engulfing it. Jazmin says you can attract her attention by being a gentleman. JMac is not a gentleman in this scene. A gentleman does not spit in a woman’s throat. But Jazmin likes it.

She has one child. She’s 5’7″ and weighs 120 pounds. She’s been an office assistant and a rub-down therapist.

Think she gave happy endings?

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