Syndi Fox – Pom Pom Pussy

April 25, 2015 – 3:11 pm

Pom Pom Muff

Pom Pom Pussy

“I did not know that cheerleaders did not wear panties, but soever. I was ready to do whatsoever it took to become one. I too did not know that they suck jock and bonk, but that sounded ok with me, too! The boys at the audition said me that’s what I had to do, and I was not plan to let a little thing love sex avoid me from becoming a cheerleader. Although I was surprised when I took that guy’s penis out. I haven’t observed that many before, but I could tell this boy had a greater than run of the mill one. I could not take it all the way down my mouth, but I did my foremost and used my hand to rubdown whatever I could not gulp. And when this chab put his wang inside me and started pumping away, I thought I was intend to explode. I am not used to being fucked so rigid by something so bigger than average. Usually two fingers feel taut in my snatch, so imagine a bigger than average ding-dong! I widen my legs as much as possible to expose them I could do splits, and I cheered for that rod. Okay, well I didn’t so much cheer as I did scream and moan. But I suppose they got the point!”

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Kelly Kay – Red Heeled Hottie

April 24, 2015 – 10:33 am

Red Heeled Sweetheart

Red Heeled Hottie

She’s solely 5’5″, but when curvy Kelly puts on some fuck-me red stilettos, she’s a towering, tit-festooned like mastix of epic proportions. Think this babe looks priceless in her scarlet petticoat and shoes? Just expect until she takes ’em off!

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Black Boots

April 23, 2015 – 7:08 am

Darksome Boots

Black Boots

Roger Pipe of RogReviews sends Linsey this second review of the site by his assistant Dan. This is a condensed version of the review. Many thank’s to Roger and Dan. “Let me initiate by saying when Roger asked if I’d love to review this site, I was amorous coz I’m a giant Linsey fan. I had been on her web site before and downloaded plenty of pics so when I logged on this time, I thought it would be a breeze to review since I had been throughout it in advance of. Well, I was very not right. Sure, there were a pair of galleries that I had looked at in advance of, but there were a lot of new photos, and the videos–My God! I had a Viagra-sized erection for six hours. The photos are great; a lot of sets to select from and anything from themed outfits to Linsey being just hawt and hot in some exotic location. My personal beloved was “Succulent.” Woman chaser, everything from the great poses to the almost any amusing lighting I have watched. The set reminded me of all the phat, hawt comedies that were made in Europe. I have two or three shots of Linsey that I use as wallpaper on my computer at work. One of them is from this set. The one thing that I’d love to watch in the store is a Linsey Dawn McKenzie T-shirt.”

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Tawny Peaks – Bedtime For Tawny

April 22, 2015 – 3:00 am

Bedtime For Tawny

Bedtime For Tawny

In this bedroom fantasy, Tawny proves that blondes do have more enjoyment. And nothing is plan to prevent her from her pleasure. From tongueing her major assets to fingering her like button, this babe proceeds to increase the intensity of her fantasy. There is no keeping a nice girl down when this babe can keep you up all night. Those boots are made for walkin’ and those bumpers are made for gawkin’.

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Cele-Brit-Titty

April 20, 2015 – 10:39 pm



Letters to Linsey
“Hi Linsey, Boobahontas is clearly the best episode u have done. The image of u walking lazily to the digi camera with your gigantic mambos overspread in oil is sure to receive each charmer spurting a load of man-fat! Luminous Linsey was likewise a admirable piece. U have done some nice-looking discharges like those over the years, the topmost being the baths and drying scene in A Day With Linsey. I shoot my load just thinking about it!. The movie scenes are the best part of the web resource by a mile. Keep up the great work.-Sean.

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Missy Vega – Hula Humping

April 19, 2015 – 7:21 pm

Hula Humping

Hula Humping

Beauties who know how to hula hoop know how to bonk. Just look at Missy. She is got the swivel in her haunches and she’s not afraid to use it. After showing this smooth operator what she can do with the hoop, that babe displays him what this babe can do when she humps. And that is bringing him to the edge with her bumping and grinding, then slowing down right in advance of this man cums. That’s right, Missy keeps her lads on edge so when they blow their load it’s that much more intense. When she’s had her fill of pecker, this babe bows over and backs her pussy onto the penis rock hard and fast, ensuring a ball-draining agonorgasmos for her hubby. We said u she knows what this babe is doing!

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Kerry Marie – News and Weather

April 18, 2015 – 3:06 pm

News and Weather

News and Weather

U have watched dozens of weather and news anchors depending upon how old u are. You’ve not at any time watched a newscaster like Kerry Marie previous to. This babe was born to announce the news for the BBB (British Boobies Bureau). It should be no surprise to you that her ratings have busted out. That babe needs no support, at least on the air. There’re plans underway to post billboards of Kerry along the M5. That should slow traffic down. It is all the station manager can do to keep Kerry from wrecking her desk, the way that babe carries on. Her woman co-workers are jealous and have their daggers out, but her male associates couldn’t be happier. In fact, Kerry has her hands full keeping their hands off her pointers. Not solely does that babe do the news and weather, that babe does the commercials for her sponsors. Here is true talent.

Janet Jackson caused a ruckus in the United States just by flashing one petite boob on television. That babe merely wants that babe had what Kerry’s got beneath her blouse. Kerry’s the foremost damn news and weather gal that the television industry’s ever seen. Not merely is her appearance pulling in king-size ratings, but her diction is ideal. This babe acts out the weather so that even the astronomical simpletons and morons at home will know whether to put on their raincoats or rub on the sun block. Now many other weather angels across the world have studied Kerry’s on-air style and are copying her, although they can not come close to stretching a blouse love this babe can. Between weather and news reports, Kerry also does the TV commercials for Kerry’s Kream, a product that babe admittedly does have a financial stake in. There are so many highlights in this movie scene, your head will spin.

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Merilyn Sakova – Queen Of Punk

April 17, 2015 – 10:57 am

Queen Of Punk

Queen Of Punk

Does it look adore Merilyn is willing to dive into a mosh pit to the mellow sounds of punk musician Henry Rollins? That’s the idea. If she did, she’d probably cause some major bodily damage with her heels. If u saw Merilyn about to leap onto u, you’d be praying this babe hit u in the face with her pantoons and not her feet. But in the past 14 years we’ve yet to ever detect a punk sweetheart who looked adore Merilyn so this is plan to remain a fantasy.

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Madelyn Monroe

April 16, 2015 – 9:00 am

Madelyn Monroe Madelyn Monroe
Madelyn Monroe @
Madelyn Monroe is turning into a professional adult star. It just seems adore yesterday when all this girl-next-door would do is a boy/girl scene, but things sure have changed! You witnessed her scene over at Blacks on Blondes, in which Rob Piper tore up her anus! That babe is just wrapped her first DOUBLE PENETRATION, and now, as we catch her walking down the sidewalk with Tone Capone, she’s talking blow bangs! Certainly Tone has a employees that will help Madelyn achieve her next goal, and in a short time that babe is clothed like a hawt slut and letting 8 studs skull fuck her until she’s literally covered in cum. Madelyn’s first IR turned into her 1st bukakke, too! Way to go, Sexually excited!!
Madelyn Monroe Madelyn Monroe

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Leenuh Kai – Starting at the Bottom

April 16, 2015 – 7:14 am

Starting at the Bottom

Starting at the Bottom

Leenuh came to this try-out fully aware that there was nudity involved, and this babe was okay with that. She did not know there would be sex involved, but she was ok with that, likewise. Anything to be a star, right? To make it to the top you’ve gotta kick off at the bottom. So Leenuh receives down on her knees and begins engulfing. Her braces do not slow her down and that babe even makes eye contact with the digital camera. She’s a natural. And even though she’s merely 18 that babe works her snatch on that prick like a seasoned doxy. “I wanted to make it greater than average as a adult model or actress in Hollywood, but I really liked banging in front of the digi camera. Maybe porn is a more breathtaking career choice for me,” said Leenuh. We acquiesce!

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – My Linsey Valentine

April 15, 2015 – 2:51 am

My Linsey Valentine

My Linsey Valentine

The unequalled daybed and the pop-art background measurably enhanced the holiday Valentine flavor of the proceedings although we admit that looking at the sofa and the wall likewise long instead of drinking in Linsey’s body is a sure sign of some kind of severe mental disorder. Youthful Linsey looks smashing in darksome nylons, suspender strap and bang-me heels. She positions with a realistically shaped rubber dingus for a not many shots but it doesn’t receive inside one millimeter past her tawny gates. This was previous to LDM decided to add girl-toys to her repetoire.

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